Wreck This Journal #3

Here’s an update on my Wreck This Journal journey. For some reason I made a Tumblr of this and so far the responses have been good and I keep getting reblogged for some reason.

I did a bunch of not very destructive things this time like the one above. Apparently I can draw pretty okay with my left hand, just a little bit jaggedly. I never actually hold a drawing/writing utensil with the left hand so I must say I was pretty surprised.

I also traced my hands and doodled on them with marker:

Yay for hands that are actually small enough to fit the pages of the book. I love that set of markers so I proceeded in using them to do this page:

These four letter words actually have no particular theme to them. They were just the four letter words I randomly thought about in the span of a couple hours. If you look carefully I semi failed and wrote a 5 letter word then tried to fix it.

Finally, here’s something a tiny bit destructive. POKING HOLES. This was actually kind of stress relieving. It was nice.

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