Who am I?

By profession, I’m a music industry/social media professional and freelance concert photographer based in Toronto. I adore music, technology, geeky, creative and beautiful things. Oh yeah, and eating food.

What is this blog about?

This is a diary of my life, ideas, passions and projects. I also have a Canadian music blog over here. I currently reside in Toronto so that is where a lot of my adventures take place. I’d like to show you my experiences: the weird, the geeky, the delicious.

What cameras do you use?

It depends on the post: a Fujifilm x100T, Canon 60D or my iPhone 5S. My vlogs are filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

How can I contact you?

I live in the Toronto area, so all the restaurants, stores and events are in the area. If you have something interesting you’d like me to experience, a product to try, something cool to photograph or just want to ask a question send an e-mail to info@tianafeng.com.

I will never post anything I haven’t tried or experienced personally. I am transparent about things I have received as sample or for free. The majority of things I do buy and have paid for. I will not endorse a product I have not experienced myself. This is not a place to copy and paste PR blurbs.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Companies & brands I’ve collaborated with on social campaigns:
Canadian Club
– SodaStream
Sony Canada
– Steam Whistle
– Urbanspoon
– Virgin Mobile

Social Feeds

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