Who am I?

By profession, I’m a music industry professional and freelance concert photographer based in Toronto. I adore music, social media, creative and beautiful things. Oh yeah, and eating food. Recently, I discovered the wonderful world of online shopping and the ability to obtain unique and geeky pieces that are fashionable and affordable.

What is this blog about?

I have no idea. I post what I feel like in the moment. This is a place to document my life, ideas, passions and projects. Music however has it’s own blog over here. This site is relatively random so whatever brought you to this site may not be the type of post you see again for a long time. If you have subscribed, thank you for being awesome.

What cameras do you use?

Depending on the post my Canon 60D or my iPhone 5S.

How can I contact you?

I live in the Toronto area, so all the restaurants, stores and events are in the area. If you have something interesting you’d like me to experience, a product to try, or something cool to photograph send an inquiry to info@tianafeng.com.

I will never post anything I haven’t tried or experienced personally. I am transparent about things I have received as sample or for free. The majority of things I do buy and have paid for. Please don’t send generic press releases about new products unless they include an opportunity to try or experience them.

I am also available for hire for the following services:
– Creative photography projects
– Content management/creation
– Freelance social media work
– Joint opportunities
– Social media consulting

Brands I’ve Worked With

Companies & brands I’ve collaborated with on social campaigns:
– Canadian Club
– Skype
– SodaStream
– Sony Canada
– Steam Whistle
– Virgin Mobile


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