The Internet & Public Shaming

I’ve been reading Jon Ronson’s book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed which tells the stories of people who’s lives have been ruined over various levels of mistakes.

You can read a few of these examples in an article published by Ronson for the New York Times last year.  One of these tales is of Justin Sacco who made an inappropriate AIDS joke on Twitter right before a plane ride. Her life was subsequently ruined: lost job, was shunned by her family and received numerous death threats. Her personal brand (or more commonly known as Google Search results) now is forever associated with that stupid tweet.

What this book made me realize is that I’m also quick to judge people on social media and the mob mentality can be very addicting and controlling. People on the internet seem to live on the mistakes people have made, not knowing the lives they may affect through shaming.

I know I personally make mistakes on a daily basis but this “Big Brother” thing where people are always watching is scary. For now on, I’m going to be more considerate before jumping on the internet hate wagon.

In Ronson’s book the shamers often quote themselves saying they “did the right thing” but should the right thing be ruining someone’s life or wishing them dead? I think no, and we need to learn to empathize and educate people instead of taking them down.

Simpsons Meme Takeover


The internet has stumbled on the best thing ever. Frankiac, the Simpsons meme generating machine. You can literally search any quote and it will find it. Now I don’t need to type real sentences ever again.


What is your favourite Simpsons scene of all time?

Got a Replacement Kobo!


After a lot of pointless back and forth with Kobo, I finally received a replacement device for my broken one. It’s not something they usually do but they were nice enough to consider it after how upset I was that mine couldn’t be fixed (even for money!).

Took a sick day today so this came with perfect timing so that I can continue staying in bed.

I Went To A Show At A Mall


On Saturday I went to a show at a mall. It was awesome. Here are some of my favourite photos. You can view my review and complete post here.










Kothur Indian Cuisine


Nash and I recently visited Kothur Indian Cusine’s Yonge Street location. As we waited for our meal we were treated to complimentary papadum and hot sauces.


I had the Lamb Saag which was boneless lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh pureed spinach. It was very flavourful and meaty.


Nash had the tangy Chicken Vindaloo.


We ate our food with garlic naan, treating it like a slice of pizza!


I couldn’t resist getting a Mango Lassi to have a break from spices. Our meal at Kothur was flavourful and pleasant! This is a great place to fulfill your Indian food craving.


Kothur Indian Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato