November Was Dark


My November blogs posts haven’t been very good. They are a bit uninspired, with few words and mostly just pictures that I found lying about. It wasn’t that I was particularly busy (after all summer is over), but my mind has been in a dark place. November depression is a real thing.  

I’m still reluctant to talk about mental health at times, it is scary and I fear that whoever reads this will judge me but it’s important to talk about it. It’s especially meaningful for those that are dealing with the same thing to know that you’re not alone.

I don’t know what particularly about November that makes it so depressing. Summer is over, the days are shorter, the weather is colder. Leaving the house gets particularly hard, even when there are so many places to go. I feel burnt out and the more I start to thing about it, the deeper I fall.

I found that offline activites like colouring and lego have helped to take my mind off things. I’ve also been spending more social time with friends (that aren’t just attending concerts). From The Bloggess I learnt that depression lies. I just have to make my good days super awesome.  

Let’s get through November together and look forward to an awesome December!

This is what happened when I gave Teddy a Squawking Chicken

Support Your Local Record Store

Supporting my local record store @deaddogrecords

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It’s rare that in 2015 that a new RECORD STORE would open up but Dead Dog Records appeared in my neighbourhood. I finally ventured in to find out that they sold some records for lower prices than what I could find online.

I picked up a bunch! I’ve been eager to grow my collection ever since I bought my new record player. Dead Dog’s selection might be smaller than Sonic Boom but if you’re lucky there are some cool deals on awesome finds. Plus, since it’s small you can pretty much look through the entire place every time you go there, so you’re bound to find something you like!

I cherish physical copies of music still (but not CDs) and there is a magic I feel when pulling a record from the shelf and the warmth it brings to the music playing. This active relationship with music is so important, in a world where music is often as seamless as water with life. To keep these physical copies alive we have to support the artists that make them and our local stores that sell them.

I Broke 40,000 Tweets

So apparently I have reached 40,000 tweets on Twitter. I’m surprised people aren’t like super annoyed of me.

Speaking of annoying…. I did pick one of these up.

Weird Stuff People Leave Behind

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone leave behind? I think mine were these angels at a bus shelter. Maybe it was a sign?