Heart Flowers & Orchids

Spring means flowers are in bloom! Here are some random photos I took while I was back home






Video Round-Up: More Music!

Started working summer hours today, meaning longer hours 4 days a week to get Friday off. Time for a quick video round-up before I head off to the next thing.

First I went to a Women in Music showcase:

Then I went to a rap show:

Then I went to the Osheaga showcase at CMW:

Enjoy! I’ll have some more non-music vlogs soon!

Why I Love Brunch

Victoria's Day brunch! #toeats #food #brunch

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Having brunch on the weekends has been a regular occurrence lately and I think it may be my all-time favourite meal. Here’s why I love brunch:

  • It means the weekend has arrived and is a nice way to wind down
  • It has to be somewhat planned in advance so it’s a thing to look forward to all week
  • Brunch seems like a simple meal, but in Toronto the options can get complicated and creative. You can even find all sorts of cultural brunches around town.
  • Great way to catch up with friends/boyfriend because they are often available for brunch and most likely love brunch too
  • I love Eggs Benedicts
  • You can have alcohol early in the day (mimosas, ceasars etc)
  • Excuse to eat more bacon

Bacon bennies #brunch #toeats

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What do you think of brunch? Do you love it or hate it?

New Camera Backpack!

I bought myself a new camera backpack from Johansen Camera Bags. All the bags on their website are super cute and fashionable, just what I was looking for in a camera bag.

What I love most about it is that it doesn’t scream camera bag like some of the ones you see at Henry’s or Vistek. There’s even a section for a laptop that fits my Mac Air perfectly. Now I can look good while carrying all my precious gear on location.

Photoshop Magnets


My fridge is pretty bare at the moment so as a part of my recent Photojojo shopping spree, I got these awesome Photoshop magnets.


The magnets come in two sheets which include tools and panels that parody the real thing. There is even a dialog box and the Apple swirling ball of death if you are so inclined to include that.


I decided to decorate it with one of my Origrami prints of Teddy! Doesn’t it almost look just like a Photoshop screen?