The Fanciest Chips I’ve Ever Eaten

The fanciest chip and dip I have ever eaten #peipotatoes #chipanddip

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Last night I attended The Drake Hotel’s Chip N’ Dip battle. It was hosted by PEI Potatoes. The event was FREE and we stuffed our plates with chip and dip from 10 different Toronto restaurants.

Some were served traditionally: chips with a side of dip. Others were presented beautifully as a single bite amuse-bouche type thing. There were dips with caviar, french onion, fish foam, bacon and all sorts of combinations you wouldn’t think of. Some chips were waffled, others were wavy, others BBQ’d or coloured differently for presentation.

Nash and I had a shared favourite. It ended up being one of the simpler ones. Plain potato chips with a poutine dip containing cheese curds and mushroom gravy. It was such a classic combination! People underestimate simplicity sometimes. We didn’t stay to find out who was the actual winner but in our eyes it was the poutine dip!



Last week a co-worker and I happened to be at an event across the street from Wahlburgers’ recently opened Toronto location at the SoHo hotel. It’s opening had been hyped considering the ties to Mark Wahlberg so we decided to try it out. I ordered the OFD Burger and Sweet Potato tots (pictured above).

The burger was an 8oz beef patty, housemade tomato jam, bacon, swiss cheese & sauteed mushrooms. I didn’t find it particularly memorable, and it was a little bit oily to hold. The sweet potato tots however were very addictive (as advertised on the menu) and the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. The way they had cut it gave a crunchy outer shell that would reveal sweet and soft insides.

IMG_0817To drink, because I am a cocktail fiend, I had their “Wahlcoction” called The Wahlbanger which was orange vodka, vanilla liquor, peach juice and sparkling wine. It tasted like a creamsicle!

IMG_0819My co-worker had the BBQ Bacon burger and he also agreed that the burgers were nothing special. I had one of his fries and they were okay, but not as good as my sweet potato tots.

Overall, I don’t think the burgers here are worth the hype (and the price tag). There are much better places in the city. But if you find yourself here for some reason go for the sweet potato tots!
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The Easter Tree

I updated my Occasion Tree since Valentine’s Day is over. Since Easter is the next big holiday, I thought this egg decoration would be appropriate. I also hid little chocolate eggs inside!

2 Months of Blogging

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Celebratory pizza?

I can’t believe I’ve made it to two months of blogging every day. In the past, I’ve never made it to one month let alone 2. It’s been a lot easier doing this alongside my best friend, who has also achieved the same feat. I feel like if either one of us breaks the chain the other will too, thus we’re not letting that happen.

In making myself do this exercise I’ve become a little less self-conscious. A little braver. I tried a new idea which people loved. I became more open in sharing my personal stories, thoughts and dreams.

The need for more content also encouraged me to challenge myself and try new things.

To be honest, I think a contributing factor to why blogging seems easier for me this year is the financial stability. I know that writing doesn’t necessarily require spending money, but having the option and needs to definitely does simplify things. Having a full-time job has further roused me to have life and hobbies outside of the office.

I hope to keep these posts flowing and I thank you all for following my adventures.

Invasion of the Damn Dress

You have to be living in a cave with no internet and literally no other people around you to not have been asked “What colour is this dress?”.

There was no escaping it. Everywhere you turned on social media it was talk of the dress, parodies of the dress, theories. At work, all the people I had to interact with had mentioned the dress at one point.

My initial reaction last night was black and gold. Which wasn’t even one of the options. Then today I leaned more towards blue and black. There was literally no way to make me see white. It wasn’t possible. We tried different screens, printing it out. It was undoubtedly blue. But it was interesting to note how many of the people around me truly believed the opposite.

If anything this was a fantastic exercise on how different people see the world and how at the end we had to agree to disagree.