Dollarama Review: Chalkboard Mug



I found this adorable mug at Dollarama that has a mini chalkboard on it. For $2, it came with 2 white pieces of chalk that allowed me to write a message on my cup of joe.


I liked the bright red of the mug, though the material seems a bit like it can easily be chipped. That’s okay, at least such a creative thing was inexpensive! Now I can wake myself up with a nice message or surprise visitors with a cup of tea.

Found my WayHome

Last weekend, I attended WayHome music festival in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. I finally have all the photos and reviews up on Ride the Tempo. Read them here.

I’ll have a food and non-musical adventure wrap-up of the fest soon!

Warm Apple Pie Throat Drops

I’m a little bit sick after last weekend but I found these and now I don’t mind because I’d like every excuse to eat them.

Green Onion In A Burger


I had never put raw green onion in my burgers until Nash’s family made us burgers for dinner one day and included them in the toppings. They had stocks on a tray and I was like “What do I do with this?”. Then I put them in my burger.

It’s no strange than putting regular onions on your burger except it adds a fresh herb taste. Now I like to occasionally do it on burgers I make.

Do you put green onion in your burgers?

I Need Water

I need water
I thought I’d be recovered from Wayhome but it must be the heat here in Toronto. It’s like 35 degrees and I feel like I need to constantly be drinking 10 gallons of water or I’m going to die. I think I may have caught a cold which is also part of it. Blog you later when I’m slightly more alive.. now back to drinking more water.