I rarely shoot posed portraits, but my sister got baptized yesterday and I thought I’d take some photos while everyone was dressed up.
Livia & Mom
Livia & Paul
Livia & Paul
These were all shot using the 24-70mm 2.8L on my Canon 60D. I also used the right light from Photojojo.

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Static Zine #9- Food

photo 1
Static Zine is a DIY (maga)zine from Toronto, edited by a few of my blogger friends. I’ve been contributing since the previous issue on mental health. The topic for Issue 9 was food, so of course I couldn’t resist contributing again!

photo 2Here’s my page, a comic that expresses the importance of sharing similar dining preferences in a relationship. The zine publishes 3x a year: March, June & October and features a different topic every issue. Contributors can design and write whatever on their page so it leads to some very delightful and creative pages! Issues can be found throughout Toronto but if you’re from out of town they are also available on Etsy for $2.

Quoteskine Volume 1 by Lee Crutchley

I forgot how exactly I stumbled across Lee Crutchley’s Quoteskine project but I loved the idea and bought the book.

IMG_3122Crutchley started the Quoteskine project on Tumblr as a creative way to visualize thoughts and quotes. Some were completely random and others were from songs, TV shows and movies.

IMG_3123The book is collection of his best works (at the time of publishing). The Tumblr is still going so maybe there will be a Volume 2.

Caught an Arcade Fire reference!

Caught an Arcade Fire reference!

The drawings in the book retain their original hand-drawn quality. You can see marker and pencil crayon lines and I adore that he left them unpolished like that. It has convinced me to start my own quote drawing. I have already written down a few ideas. Maybe I’ll share them with you in a later post!