Enchanted Forest Colouring Book


I craved to the adult colouring book craze. It is an activity that is super relaxing and gets your creative juices going. Colouring between intricate lines gets you focused on something else besides a busy life. It’s also relatively inexpensive to buy one with beautiful line work. My sister has Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden, so I thought I’d get her second book Enchanted Forest. 


Can you believe this is just the cover page? It’s still a work in progress but it is done with a set of 50 markers. I think I’m going to do different sets of markers, pens, pencils, paint on each page since I own a lot of unused art supplies. I’ll be blogging my favourite pages as I make my way through this book.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are some photos of my Thanksgiving weekend! On Saturday I went to a wedding dinner.

DSCF5884This is my lovely sister.

DSCF5886Chocolate as wedding favours is always a win!

DSCF5887Matching gold cake!

DSCF5888Our first course for dinner was this roast pig with flashing disco eyes. I somehow was too busy eating (and talking to people) the rest of dinner that I forgot to take photos until dessert.


Here is dessert. Some cream puffs and other things I don’t know how to describe!

On Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I again cooked the family turkey! Here are some random photos of our dinner (and Teddy).





Surprise Selfies

I think I totally took these by accident instead of a video on my GoPro but I love them so thought I’d share them here! No, I didn’t go on vacation. This was from the time I went to Scarborough Bluffs.



Blood Moon Fail

Remember last weekend when everybody was super excited about a Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that wouldn’t happen again until 2033? Well, I made my way down to Humber Bay, Park in Toronto only to find out that it was way too cloudy for any glimpse of moon. I stayed there for a good hour and a half.

While I didn’t get to shoot the moon, I found a secret quiet secluded spot where you could see downtown Toronto beautifully from afar and it was super relaxing to just listen to the waves crash the shore. In 2015, it’s nice to have moments where we are disconnected and to just enjoy nature.

Scarborough Bluffs


Instagram has helped me discover places that I didn’t know existed in Ontario. One of those things was Scarborough Bluffs park. It’s a beautiful area with cliffs and beaches that looks like you went to some tropical location. A few are dangerous and out of bounds but people frequently hop the fence to take photos anyways. It’s also by a water-treatment plant so not all the water is super clean.  We stopped by for some quick photos when we were coming back from Woofstock.







When we were driving back the sunset was a beautiful pink:


It’s fun to have adventures and explore the nooks and crannies of the places in cities nearby!