I Went To A Show At A Mall


On Saturday I went to a show at a mall. It was awesome. Here are some of my favourite photos. You can view my review and complete post here.










I’m In A Gallery Again!

Thanks @wavelengthmusic for putting my photo of Ronnie up on your beautiful gallery wall #wl16

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For the next month a few of my photos are up at the Wavelength #ICYMI gallery at Markham House in Mirvish Village. Go check it out! It’s free. There are also a ton of other things going on in the space check out Wavelength’s website for more information.

I Developed Some Film Finally!

Two and a half years ago I bought The Konstruktor, a DIY plastic camera. It was super weird to shoot with as the viewfinder was on the top and there was no indicator that you were using too much or too little light. A lot of it was trial and error. I finally developed some of those photos and here are a few of my favourites:

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What I learned was that film is a lot harder than it looks without all the digital meters to tell you things like lighting. This is fun though. I found taking photos with film were far more thoughtful, as I couldn’t take 200 photos of the same thing without going broke. There’s something beautiful and romantic about these analog shots.

Fujifilm x100 Teleconverter Test on Teddy!


I recently purchased the teleconverter for my Fujifilm x100 camera. It’s a 33m lens (a 50mm equivalent) on my crop frame camera. The results with this thing are beautiful and don’t affect the aperture at all. It’s also as easy as flicking a setting in camera. For $250, it was totally worth it to have this in my arsenal for my mobile camera!


Crazy Christmas Houses

Last night, Dad and I drove around the neighbourhood to take some photos of crazy Christmas houses we had heard were around somewhere. These nearby houses decked their entire yards out and even were so detailed as to have stuff going on in the windows of the house. Here are some photos of our adventure:
For a better perspective I also decided to Vine both of them: