Testing the Canon 85mm 1.2L II

Went to @downtowncamera for the first time. Great customer service! New toy 😁

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After thinking about it for months, I finally purchased the Canon 85mm 1.2L II lens at Downtown Camera. It is currently on sale for $400 less in Canada at authorized retailers.

I also happened to have visted my friend Steph today, so I decided to test the new lens on her delicious pastries!
Cream Puff by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage
Nimbus Macaron by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage
Macarons by Petit Nuage

Macarons by Petit Nuage.

The Red Carpet @ The Juno Nominations

See you on the red carpet #junos

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I’ve never applied to go to an award show before but Ride the Tempo was on the red carpet of the Juno Nominations!

The actual announcement of the nominations went by very quickly. There was no way that you could type fast enough on a phone to live tweet everything. Names scrolled past on a screen in an instant. Before I knew it, it was all announced. Luckily, we were handed red pamphlets with all the information

Afterward, we gathered by the red carpet and stood behind the signs of our respective media outlets. It was cool having my own spot and helping out SOCAN at the same time. I learned that connections I made while blogging translated into my job, and I was an excellent wrangler at getting artist interviews and photos.

I’ll be back for the real Juno Awards ceremony in Hamilton in March but for now you can view the portraits I shot during the nominations here.

My First Photo Show

Zoo Owl @ WL 15 Pop-Up 1/22/2015
Last night was the opening of the Wavelength Pop Up Gallery where 3 of my concertphotos are currently being displayed alongside some by my friend Aviva Cohen and Sam Kadosh.

Here are 3 photos being displayed:
Zoo Owl @ Wavelength 14 - The Silver Dollar 2/13/2014
Weaves @ Wavelength 14 Day 2- Adelaide Hall 2/14/2014
Rich Aucoin @ ALL CAPS Island Music Festival Day 2 8/11/2013

The night was well attended and all the photos, posters and artwork were well received. It was exciting (and a little bit nerve racking) to see my work so publicly displayed. They will be available for viewing until February 15th at the Hunt Club in Toronto.

Wavelength Pop-Up Gallery


I’m really excited to announce that some of my concert photos will be featured in Wavelength Music’s upcoming Pop-Up Gallery!

The gallery features posters, installations, talks, intimate concerts as well as photos. My shots will be featured in the photo show deemed “PRESENT” featuring images from 2013-14 Wavelength events.

Date: January 22nd – February 15th
Place: Huntclub Studios (709. College Street)

There’s a free opening party on January, 22nd at 8pm! See you there :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A very clausterphobic Christmas Tree

A very clausterphobic Christmas Tree

I’ve got some crazy catching up to do on blog posts but thank goodness for the holidays! Since it’s Christmas I thought I’d share some photos of my day with you.

Teddy waits for his turn to open presents:




However, he’s actually afraid of the bag:



And a few random shots of the fresh turkey we cooked:

Hope you had a lovely day and rest of the holidays!