A Taste of Market 707


Market 707 located at Dundas & Bathurst is full of pop-up shops in what used to be shipping containers. It’s a great place for local entrepreneurs to have a store front for an affordable price in the city. There are clothing shops, a barbershop, nail salon, jewellery and of course food. Besides my friend’s stand at Petit Nuage I hadn’t had any of the food until recently.


This indulgent dish is from Filipino stand Kanto, which specializes in a street take on tradition foods. I ordered the Sisig fries which was Offal meat that has been boiled, then grilled and chopped into fine pieces. It was marinated in lemon, vinegar and spices. The dish was topped with Lechon Kawali (pork belly) and garlic lemon aioli on a bed of crispy fries. I loved the crispy pork pieces and the fries were super crunchy.


My friend showed me her regular order at Cookie Martinez called the Patacon Pisao, a classic Latin American dish from the Colombian coast. Patacon starts by warming unripened green plantain to flatten, then fried until crispy. Hers had beef, avocado and a delicious sauce.


I also wanted to try the shrimp ceviche from Cookie Martinez. It was served with plantain chips was a bit of a weird (mostly inefficient) receptacle for ceviche. The ceviche itself was very fresh and flavourful.


To wash it down I had an iced matcha from Petit Nuage, the best in the city (Disclaimer: I know her personally but it really is the best in the city)!


Last weekend I ate 10 popsicles


Last weekend at Camp Wavelength, I saw The Pop Stand, which was offering 10 flavours of popsicles. It started as a joke, but I started from the top and made my way down the list and ate all 10 popsicles over the course of 3 days.

Peach bourbon iced tea:


Campari, grapefruit and mintDSCF3186

Thai coffee

Raspberry hibiscus

Blueberry lavender lemonade

Strawberry Milkshake

Coconut + cinnamon

Raspberry and cream

Harvest Fudge

Orange Vanilla Bean

My favourite popsicles were the fresh fruity flavoured ones because they were more refreshing over cream ones on a hot day. Although, I do love chocolate so the harvest fudge was irresistible.

Eating my WayHome


Who needs a food truck festival when music festivals have just as many? WayHome festival last weekend was no exception. I ate my fill of street food. In addition, Drake Hotel also had an area set up with different vendors in the VIP section with all sorts of different items. I ate my fill of things just from this section alone.


First were these fried fish and shrimp with tartar sauce. They were generously seasoned.


I refreshed myself with a raspberry icecream sandwich. It was like a smoothie in between two cookies.


This shrimp salad was a refreshing snack. I also had a watermelon feta salad that was lovely (but I wolfed it down before I took a photo of it).


Lastly they had fresh raw oyster with various dipping sauces. On the final day they had 3 for the price of the previous days so I sort of went crazy and had 12. I had never tried raw oysters before but they went down so well with their sauces (named after headlining bands of the day). Sam Smith was a sweet pomegranate sauce.


The Vitamin Water sponsored section had “clouds” that you could taste in many different flavours.


Afterwards, you were rewarded with some Vitamin Water icecream which was a bit odd.


I love Buster’s Sea Cove’s  truck and I always get something every time I see it. I opted for their lobster roll which had generous chunks of lobster.


I also couldn’t resist their keylime pie in an adorable jar!



Hank Daddy’s BBQ served up this beautiful pulled pork parfait. Don’t worry there wasn’t any ice cream in it, just mashed potatoes, BBQ sauce, pulled pork and beans!


Umami Bites filled my belly with these Pork Belly Wonton Tacos.


Lastly, I had these delicious ribs from a place I can’t seem to remember the name to, which is sad because I’d love to eat these ribs again in their brick and mortar restaurant which they mentioned was on the Danforth! If you happen to know, you’d make me the happiest person.

Update: I found out through the app that it was Uncle Smoke BBQ who bring St. Louis style BBQ to their delicious meat.

I realized that I forgot to post the food of Field Trip and Bestival this year so those will be coming soon in a round-up post. Eat with you again soon!

Front Street Foods


Earlier in the week I hit up Front Street Foods, a little marketplace that is temporarily set up near Union Station. I had a few little snacks.


There were all sorts of places, corn, ice cream, seafood, burgers, even a flower shop! My first destination was Cava Sur. 


I tried a trio of pintos which are small bites on bagette. I chose the avocado & avruga; jammon serano & fig and the sardine escabeche. All were very favourable little bites! I particularly liked the handmade serano that paired beautifully with the sweetness of the fig.


I then hit up Mad Mexican for some nachos. They asked me if I wanted guacomole or salsa and I said a little bit of everything!


I decided to wash it down with a Kamboucha, which is some kind of fermented tea drink. It was sort of fizzy, sour and fruity at the same time. It is meant to have healing powers of some sort. I’m not entirely sure if I liked it, but I didn’t hate it. 


Anyways, if you’re looking for a quick snack and happen to be in the area the Front Street Market is a cool stop. I went around dinner time and it didn’t seem too packed!

The Few Delicious Things at TIME Fest

photo 1TIME Festival took place yesterday and compared to the last few music festivals at Fort York, there was a severe lack of food choices. This led to long lines during meal times but I did manage to eat a few things.

The only literal food truck was Rancho Relaxo’s serving up tacos and Mexican food. I had the fish tacos. The fried fish was nice and crunchy and it wasn’t too heavy.

photo 2Small Town Food Co. ran a food stand with skewers for $6. The first of which I had was a watermelon and pork belly. I loved the sweetness of both the sauce and the watermelon together. Unfortunately, I only got one skewer at the time of my order but my friends ended up receiving two with theirs.

photo 3I returned to try the yakitori chicken and corn dog skewers later. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the corn dog had a lovely banana-like breading.

photo 5Next up was a corn dog with everything on it at Kungfu Dawg. It was messy but totally worth it.

photo 4Also from Kungfu Dawg were these home made ketchup chips. They were sweet, crunchy and very addictive.

photo 7Ice Lyte served up electrolyte freezies. They had a apple-pineapple flavour. The vendors explained that it was a special type of Ethiopian fruit.

photo 6TIME Festival banned water bottles (opened or not) and there was a lack of water-refilling station. Thankfully instead of buying the $4 water, people could also get free iced-tea from Nestea. They were testing out new flavours which included honey ginseng, mango and a half and half lemon tea.

There was only one other stand there that sold food but none of the options seemed intriguing enough. To future food festivals: make sure there are enough food choices for everyone’s needs!