Pages From My Sketchbook Pt. 3

We’re nearing the end of March and I have some catch up to do in terms of filling up my sketchbook in time for the challenge but here are a few more random pages:







My Life is a TV Sitcom


Do you ever feel like you are the embarrassing character in a sitcom? There are times where I feel like I am such a clutz that everything bad or terrible always happens to me. Sometimes at the same time. I can never seem to catch a break.

I was having such a great weekend and then I dropped my external hard drive. Thankfully it still works. Then I lost my Metropass somehow. My Monday is off to a great start.

Sometimes these things would send me into a downward spiral . It’s hard not to want to cry, and sometimes that’s okay.  But really whenever bad things happen, I think about times where I have had it worse. When there was a fire on the subway and it is delayed followed by buses that couldn’t make it up the hill because of a storm. The time I was cleaning the house and then tripped over the broomstick and hit my head on the counter. A slip and fall on ice that scraped my knee, another in front of a packed bus.

Somehow thinking of myself like a weird character in my own life story makes me feel a little bit better. I can laugh it off and know that I’ll live to tell another episode.

JUNOS Weekend Through Instagram

I'm an alien #JUNOS

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I’ve been busy this past while with JUNOS and post-JUNOS stuff. I thought I’d take you through some of those adventures through Instagram. It was my first time covering JUNO weekend. It just never worked out logistically in the past. When I went to get my ID made, they turned me blue!

Switching roles with @curlybecs @changetheending #socanbash

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On Friday, SOCAN had their Friends & Family party. My publicist friends decided it would be fun to switch places and for once they’d be the photographers.

.@tremission #junos

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Then I went to a hiphop show at a venue by the lake. It was kind of like Hamilton’s version of Sound Academy.

Can't believe I am still awake but here is Saukrates #junos

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We stayed up until 2am waiting for Saukrates (one of my co-worker’s favourites) to go on.

Steak, salmon and lobster bennies. I am in some sort of heaven #food

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On Saturday we woke up early and had brunch at Jack & Lois.

Chilling with @jenngrantmusic who is awesome irl #junos

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After brunch we interviewed Jenn Grant, who is the most awesome in person.

Most adorable thing at #junos. Always support music education #musicounts #tdbank

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The TD Lounge were supporting local Hamilton schools and I saw these adorable kids play!

.@richaucoin rules every city he lands in ❤️✌️#junofest

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I almost didn’t get into this Rich Aucoin show (he owns every city he is in) but I waited patiently in line and the bouncer let me in. I ended up leaving a whole bunch of confetti in my co-worker’s car.

At the #junos songwriter circle!

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On Sunday Morning, I attended the JUNOS songwriter circle where songwriters shared stories before performing acoustic versions of their songs.

.@sarahrix and I at the #junos media room. I just dropped her cake. Plz forgive me?

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Backstage of the JUNOS gala, I sat beside my friend Sarah and dropped her piece of complimentary cake. Oops!

Life is interesting sometimes and Instagram is such a great way to relive it!

Page From My Sketchbook Pt. 2

I’ve been busy this month but I’ve been keeping up with my Sketchbook challenge this month! I plan to have 31 drawings in my book by the time the month is over. Here are a few of my favourites since the last post:

Recently Used Emoticons

IMG_0868In the age of technology, emoticons are just as important in conveying a message as words. I decided to share my most recently used ones. They generally also reflect my most popular ones.

They seem to reflect my personality quite a bit as well as current events.  I like food (which explains the pizza, burger, chocolate and bread) and I am a happy and excited person (face and hand signs). It also looks like I was wishing people a Happy Chinese New Year illustrated by the goat and celebratory things beside it. I’m also a person not afraid to be a little inappropriate (poop, and air poof representing fart).

What are your most recently used emoticons? And what do they say about your surrounding life? I’d love to know!