Video Round-Up: Cake Thing, Keurig K200, Camp Wavelength

It’s time for another video roundup!

First I make this weird cake thing:

Then I unboxed this Keurig K200:

And we went Camp Wavelength

Giving Up A Cup of Coffee A Day

I have a terrible habit of drinking too many coffees in one day. I average 2-3, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and occasionally one in the evening if I know I am heading out for a long night.

The one in the morning I make at home but the others are often store bought at Timmies or some other coffee place. This can be up to $2-5 depending on where I get it from and what I get. Often I’m in it for the sugar, other times I need the placebo of drinking it to feel more awake.

I decided to consciously cut of coffee from my day. I can’t cut it entirely, though I did once for an entire month. Even a cup will make a difference in my budget as well as lower my sugar intake.

The only times I will take that second cup is when it involves some social obligations. I never believe in inconveniencing other people just because of something I am doing. So yes, I will still meet people over coffee (because tea is even more of a waste of money).

Think of how much difference even 3 days a week can make on your budget. That’s minimum $6 pocketed, $24 by the end of the month. That’s an extra vinyl, concert ticket or money that can be donated to charity. I can do a lot with a few extra dollars.

Blood Moon Fail

Remember last weekend when everybody was super excited about a Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that wouldn’t happen again until 2033? Well, I made my way down to Humber Bay, Park in Toronto only to find out that it was way too cloudy for any glimpse of moon. I stayed there for a good hour and a half.

While I didn’t get to shoot the moon, I found a secret quiet secluded spot where you could see downtown Toronto beautifully from afar and it was super relaxing to just listen to the waves crash the shore. In 2015, it’s nice to have moments where we are disconnected and to just enjoy nature.

Let’s go 

Yay it’s Friday! Always remember to leave some time to yourself and not always stop your life from someone else.

Have something you wish you did on your spare time? Just go for it! 

Woofstock 2015


This year Woofstock got moved to September, maybe because the weather is much more comfortable for dogs than the 30 degree weather we experienced in the past.


There were a lot of vendors but we found that there were fewer than in the past years. I think a few might have been skeptical about the fall move.


It was still an awesome time for dogs with activities and things to buy everywhere.

DSCF4927We took our annual photo from President’s Choice.


We also found this funny photo-op with a truck.



Teddy went for a ride too!

DSCF4898I was hungry so I totally stopped for a crawfish poutine.


We found this adorable doggy water fountain at the park.

Teddy also made a bunch of doggy friends!

DSCF5071 DSCF4916
DSCF4935 DSCF4924 DSCF5002

It was a fun day! Teddy did too and is warming up to the idea of a billion dogs in one place. He welcomed them all by sniffing their butts!