Being Part of An Audience

Justice @ Hard Toronto 2012
For the past few years, every time I went to a show, I would be “working” in some sense. I’d either be photographing, writing a review, or both. It had been a while since I went to a show for the sake of going to a show.

Last Sunday, I went to Cloud Nothings as an attendee and as a huge fan of the band. I didn’t shoot it and I didn’t review it. I had a blast. I didn’t have to worry about my camera being destroyed by a rowdy crowd, think of the perfect sentences to write or frame the perfect photo. I didn’t have to stand in the front for 3 hours, hoping that nobody would try to steal my spot. Hell, I even joined in the mosh-pit full of bros for like 3/4 of the set. I came out smelling like man-sweat but it was worth it. For the first time in a while, I actually had fun at a show.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the shows I’ve seen in the past while. London Grammar and How to Dress Well were breath-taking in their own regards. I loved shooting them, but at the end of the day it was still work. To be able to fully immerse myself in the experience last Sunday was refreshing. It’s so weird how sometimes when I’m by the front of the stage taking photos, how removed I can be from the actual show. I think this year, I’ll let myself occasionally step back and be a fan, an attendee again. It’s definitely worth the price of the ticket.

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Dear Kids That Egged My House


I cannot think of any reason why you would’ve chose our house out of all the ones on the block. We do not know you and have never provoked you in anyway. I’m sorry for whatever reason you think that we deserved to spend a few hours cleaning our window.

I’m sorry you have nothing better to do on a Wednesday night but get into mischief in the freezing cold. I thought that in age of video game systems, social media, computers, awesome toys, there would be hundreds of other things to do. Sorry your life lacks those things and had to spend all your money on eggs instead.

I’m sorry that the eggs didn’t stain my house. They took mom an hour to clean, but it eventually got removed.

I’m sorry your mother has never told you not to waste food. Think of all the starving people all over the world who would have loved to eat those eggs.

I’m sorry you like Justin Bieber because that’s the only way you’d think egging is cool. Justin Bieber is not cool. I’m sorry that you have been brainwashed.

I’m sorry that I didn’t catch your face or your name but next time I’ll make it up to you and post it on all my social feeds so the world can know cool you think you are.

Finding the Time to Blog When You Have a Full-Time Job

Moleskine diary

For a while, I was just living the freelance life and underemployed. That meant hours were flexible and I had a lot of free time to do whatever I wanted when I was between projects. My blogs and sites were active and fruitful.

Recently, I have obtained work that is more time consuming and has unpredictable office hours. This made it more difficult to schedule time in advance to blog, because time seemed like a scarce luxury. Obviously since there are still posts churning out on all my content streams, I have found ways to adjust to this new transition. Here are some tips:

Find out what your internet policy is at work. This is an important first step if you want to blog at work (during downtimes/breaks of course). Some companies don’t allow you to use internet services outside of work purposes and you must abide by those rules. Personally, I don’t blog at work because I have way too many other things to be doing so the next few steps are more useful.

Schedule Content in Advance. To keep my music blog alive and active, I schedule a lot of content in advance. There’s always a period of time where I’m like OKAY LET’S SIT DOWN AND BLOG on weekends or evenings and I churn out a bunch of content and schedule them over the next few days. This works better for posts that aren’t particularly time sensitive.

Carry a notebook. I always have a notebook in the vicinity to brainstorm things I want to write about the moment they come up.

Find inspiration everywhere. This applies most when it’s a personal blog and therefore you can post whatever you want – food, photos, projects, inspiration, thoughts. The blog is about YOU after all. Life changes constantly, and there are tons of exciting and thought-provoking things to write about at every corner.

Take advantage of your Smartphone. By now, most people have a smartphone. Whether, it’s an Android or an iPhone, there is a wealth of apps that sync to the cloud. There’s even a WordPress app on both platforms. These can be great for long commutes. Personally, I use OneNote on my iPhone because it syncs with the version on my laptop. I draft a lot of posts while on the train. In fact, this one was partially written on a commute.

Don’t stop. The moment you stop actively blogging for a while, it becomes tough to start again as each day passes. It’s all about finding new ways to fit writing into a new schedule. Sometimes when you have a free half hour, you just have to make yourself sit down and write. It’s totally possible, you just have to stop giving yourself excuses and do it.


I originally published this post on Medium.

Ride the Tempo on CBC Music!

Today my music blog Ride the Tempo was featured in CBC’s list of “Canadian Music Blogs You Need to be Reading”. Normally I don’t care for lists but CBC was one of the early outlets that got me caring about Canadian music and influenced me to change the blog’s format to focus entirely on it. It was actually a difficult decision to make. Canadian music is not as popular or hit-generating as some of the bigger indie artists out there. Blogs that write about everything get a lot more hits, and return generate more ad-revenue.

I don’t blog because I think I’ll one day get rich off of it. I love exploring the Canadian music landscape. I care about it and will continue to do so.

Canadian International Autoshow

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Thanks to Klout and Chevy Canada, I attended the Canadian International Autoshow.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014I made Nash go with me, and our reaction was a unanimous “OMG SO MANY CARS”. We’re not really “car” people and it’ll be a while until we both decide to purchase cars.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014There were cars from every make and model including this convertible which Nash called the girliest car ever because of its tiny size.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014This concept car of the future is motion controlled, which seems cool but in reality seems like it would be less efficient than a steering wheel.

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014I saw a 3D printer (a Makerbot) for the first time printing some mini car models!

Since the Klout perk was sponsored by Chevy, I received some sweet swag which including a power bank for my iPhone and a Klout pin which allowed me to skip the line for the Camero challenge. You can watch me completely fail at the challenge in my vlog. I love the power bank, it’s the most useful thing a brand could give out because everybody has a phone that occasionally needs emergency charging!

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
I’m glad we went to experience the autoshow. I think it’s a great place if you’re looking to buy a car and want to try all the brands out. We saw many people getting in cars and testing the feel out. Entire families went in the mini-vans. When I happened to pass by Union Station on Family Day, I saw dad’s headed to the show with their little sons. That’s such an adorable idea for young car lovers!

Anyways here’s some more random photos of cars:

Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014
Canadian International Autoshow 2014