I’m in PEI!

PEI 2014

Nash and I are currently in Prince Edward Island for my best friend’s wedding next weekend. We had a little bit of time to explore over the past few days, so here’s what we did so far.

Sir John A Beer
We tried Gahan Craft Beer. This Honey Wheat Ale had a nice sweetness to it. This could possibly be the most Canadian looking beer.

The next morning we had breakfast at Phinley’s, where poutine for breakfast is a thing!

PumpkinsWe then went to a pumpkin patch to pick a few up. We got some decent sized ones for only $3!

Angry HayI enjoyed these bales of hay in the form of Angry Birds.

Laura and a Pumpkin We considered a gigantic pumpkin for a moment.

MaddieLaura has two sweet cats which were adopted. This is Maddie.

BellaAnd this is Bella.

Here are more random cat photos:
Maddie Looking Out the Window
Don’t they just look like sweethearts?

RibsHomemade ribs.

On Saturday we went to see Rich Aucoin at the PEI Brewing Company. We happend to walk in when an art battle was just ending. Aucoin himself was painting something!

2014On Sunday, we explored downtown Charlottetown. This year, they celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the 1864 Canadian Confederation Conference. Here is Laura and I with a gigantic 2014.

Cruise ShipThis cruise ship looked rather familiar.

A CowHow could we go to the east coast without visiting a Cows Icecream?
COWS Ice CreamMmmmmmmm.

The weather was warm over the weekend so we had a chance to walk along the water and in town.
PEI 2014
PEI 2014
A Fish
Before I Die PEI
PEI 2014
PEI 2014
PEI 2014
PEI 2014
PEI 2014
Confederation Building
PEI 2014
PEI 2014

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Hey guys, sorry for being a little bit MIA lately. There has been so many things going on in the past little while that I’ve had no time to blog (and not just on this one)! A lot of exciting things have happened/are happening that I will surely tell you about soon.

Life’s a little like cotton candy, you must eat it (or experience it) before it melts.. or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Labour Day Weekend in Espanola

I spent Labour Day weekend at Nash’s parents’ place in Espanola, a town of around 5000 people in Northern Ontario. It was rainy all weekend but I still tried to take some photos of the beautiful scenery and other random things.
BeansThis is their fat kitty named Beans.
BeansSo cute, so fat.

Clay FrogsRandom clay frog.

Giant MushroomThis is a giant mushroom, almost the size of a soccer ball.

Empty RoadEspanolaDucks in a RowEspanolaEspanolaThe atmosphere was so calm. It was nice to get away from the city.

Nash in a HammockNash in a hammock.

FrogAn actual frog.

ShackEmpty RoadHouseClear LakeClear Lake...A Fine Paper TownI’m standing in front of the town sign.

Paper MillMr. FrogOld SwingOuthouse

Barkbox – July 2014 Edition

It’s Barkbox time again! This might be our last for a little while (mostly because Teddy still needs to eat all his snacks from Woofstock).
IMG_0005This month’s theme was “Surf’s Up”.

IMG_0014Fitting perfectly with the them was this shark toy from Harry Barker. The toy had two squeakers but were no match for our little dog.

IMG_0008These Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Jerky Treats make the dog go crazy. All of Barkbox’s treat selections have been some of Teddy’s favourite. They tend to be organic and have no filler ingredients such as corn and soy.

IMG_0009There was even a pina colada smoothie! Unfortunately Teddy is allergic to banana so we’ll be giving it to a doggy friend.

IMG_0012A beef pizzle from Superior Farms Pet Provisions will entertain him for hours.

IMG_0015Lastly, these Petsafe dog chews clean teeth and are good for doggy bodies at the same time.

If you’re interested in signing up for Barkbox use our link below for 10% off!

Allow Yourself To Do Nothing


I’ve always been the type of person to keep busy. Even when I was watching a TV, I needed to be reading articles on the internet, drawing, learning how to code, blogging or whatever. I couldn’t justify simply doing the recreational thing without being busy with something I deemed “productive”. In my head I felt like I was wasting my life if I took that extra hour of sleep, nap, caught up on Youtube  or even hang out with friends.

Ever since I got a full-time job these priorities changed. I still struggled with the need to “keep productive”, this time with more of a focus on reading a book or writing the blog posts that keep all my sites updated. I now have less time than ever to do any of those things and being able to prioritize has been a challenge.

However, I let myself turn-off the brain when I’m exhausted. An extra hour of sleep, hanging out with friends or letting myself relax and play video games does wonders for the amount of things I can get done the next day (including write this blog post). We live in an age where “being busy” is addictive and seems trendy but it’s important to know when to just kick back once in a while.