Just Mobile

I am sending my laptop in for a makeover. Although I do have a decrepit backup laptop, I am going to challenge myself to live on just mobile devices for as long as Ursula is still in the shop. Yes, my laptop has a name.

Perhaps this is what the future will be like. I don’t think there is anything my laptop can do that I can’t find a way for one of my devices to. I have a first generation iPad and an iPhone 4S. One day in the not-to-distant future it will only get easier. The biggest challenge will be maintaining my script heavy music blog.

As long as I can blog, all will be merry. I will keep you updated on the journey.

This post was written on an iPad.

Makeup Challenge Fail

I have already stopped doing the makeup challenge and it isn’t the end of the month. I think it was really unrealistic to do it in March since it’s so busy. I don’t want something that is supposed to be fun to be a chore. I do use the eye shadows every day but it’s hard to be creative at 6am in the morning. So instead of posting a new look every day, I’ll post one once in a while that highlights some neat techniques and colours. For now, here is a random picture of my dog smiling to make things all better:


Look #6

Opted for some green today.


Look #5

First day at new internship. Decided to use some dark natural golds and red lips.


Look #4

Today I blended light pinks and purples.