I Need Water

I need water
I thought I’d be recovered from Wayhome but it must be the heat here in Toronto. It’s like 35 degrees and I feel like I need to constantly be drinking 10 gallons of water or I’m going to die. I think I may have caught a cold which is also part of it. Blog you later when I’m slightly more alive.. now back to drinking more water.

I May Be A Robot



Sometimes I’m like a robot. I have a set of tasks I need to get done before I let myself go to bed. I’ll go on for weeks and months like this.

Then eventually like a robot, I break down a little. I get tired, anxious, stressed out, maybe even depressed. It’s awkward to talk about but at times talking about it is the greatest way to fix it. I Β need to let myself relax, without thinking about the a million things (there are always things) that I could/should be doing. I’m like a robot that needs to stay on the task at hand and doesn’t know anything else.

This weekend, I’m letting myself relax. Some e-mails will go unanswered. Some posts will go unwritten. Walks will be taken. Food will be eaten. Naps will be taken. Robots need to be recharged once in a while, and I do too.

Cooking As Therapy

Lately, I’ve been so busy that all my meals were quickly thrown together with whatever the hell I had in the fridge. Sometimes they’d taste weird but I made do because I was busy and headed off somewhere else in an hour (or less). Cooking and eating became more of a stressful mandatory activity than an enjoyable one.

Finally today I had time to plan a meal and actually see it through. I pan seared pork chops, following half of the instructions of a Gordon Ramsay video and my boyfriend helped and made pan-fried eggplant with melted mozzarella in between them. It was a team effort, but it was fun and relaxing at the same time.

On days where I’m not so busy, I want to have more fun with cooking again, seek out new delicious recipes and learn different techniques. Cooking can be rather therapeutic if you let it be!

Relax how you wantΒ 

 How do you unwind? Sometimes it’s watch some Netflix. But lately my thing is eating Popsicles in the bathtub. How about you? 

A More Active June

This weekend when I was home, I weighed myself on the scale and I realized that since moving out I have gained a little weight. It’s nothing detrimental but it made me realize that I need to make an effort to be more active if I want to stay healthy without changing my eating habits. I’d rather die than do that.

Instead, this June I’ll consciously include more physical activity. June is busy as it is with music festivals so that will already involve a lot of standing and travelling by default. I’ll take longer walks and avoiding taking the bus when I’m heading to places that are a reasonable distance away. Maybe I’ll even take the stairs at work (to my 6th floor desk). I’m not about to go to the gym but it doesn’t hurt to make tiny little improvements!