Teddy’s Christmas Morning!


Merry Christmas! Teddy was probably the one with the most presents to unwrap on Christmas day. He has been waiting patiently for them ever since we put them under the tree. He’d stare at them every day but was nice enough not to touch them until Christmas morning. Here are some random photos of him digging into his presents.





Merry Christmas Eve!

I am currently out for Christmas Eve dinner with the fam! Here’s a photo of Teddy as Santa for your viewing pleasure.

Merry Christmas!

This is what happened when I gave Teddy a Squawking Chicken

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Teddy was a horse for Halloween? #dogsofinstagram

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Hope you are having a fantastic Halloween weekend full of treats. Teddy dressed as a horse this year with a cowboy riding on his back!

Happy Thanksgiving!Β 

Hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! 

I’m super tired after being stuffed with turkey so more photos from the weekend coming soon!