Pokemon Shirts at Society 6


Over the holidays I ordered a few T-shirts from Society 6 by an artist named PaperBeatScissors. This one has all the Pokemon from the old games!


And I got Nash a shirt full of Smash Bros characters.

Aren’t they both adorable? I love buying original printed shirts online (but can’t this month because it is part of my 30 Day Challenge).

Collapsible Salad Bowl


This year I’ve been making more of an effort to eat healthy by cooking more and buying less processed foods. Last year a lot of my work lunches have been canned soups or those pastas and pizza pockets you can microwave. I wanted to make eating lunch exciting again by finding fun ideas on Pinterest and creating them myself.

I found this perfect salad bowl at Home Sense by Smart Planet that has a separate layer for dry ingredients. The bowl also collapses when you are done so that it doesn’t take up space when you carry it home! How cool is that?

The Face Shop Haul

DSCF6987-2I was really excited to find out that The Face Shop now has a downtown location at the Eaton’s Centre. Previously, I would have to go to Pacific Mall to obtain any Asian beauty products.


Winter really dries out my hands so I purchased this Olive & Argan oil hand cream. A little goes a long way and the sent is very light.


I also purchased more of the Real Nature face masks. A set of 15 different ones only cost $20!


I bought this Blackhead nose strip for $1 so I could get an extra discounted face mask below:


I’m excited to try this honey mask that is a different line than the Real Nature ones. Hopefully I won’t look like a pig haha!


The lady at the cash suggested I sign up for a points card so I can collect points towards future purchases. If you ever want some affordable beauty products, be sure to check out The Face Shop.




I Bought This Because It Looks Like My Friend


This necklace is actually a combination of Norm Kelly’s face and Drake’s facial hair but it somehow magically also looks like my friend @shmeeli so I bought it.


I purchased it on a crowdfunding platform  named Tilt that funds smaller scale projects and services (like Groupon sort of). It came vacuumed sealed (by mouth according to the label).

Glovely Touchscreen Gloves


My boss gave me a pair of glovely touch screen gloves for Christmas! Maybe he thinks I am on my phone too much (sometimes). These are awesome. The entire glove is touch screen compatible (not just the tips like most gloves). They also have a little magnetic logo to keep both gloves together for all the clutsy people who lose gloves (me).

Last but not least, the tag is even a microfibre glove. Now I can stay warm while I tweet and blog this winter.