Dollarama Reviews: Kozmic Colours


$3 for 4 nail polishes sounded like a total steal. I’ve never heard of Kozmic Colours before but these are so cheap that I couldn’tΒ notΒ try them!


Plus, I love these pastel colours. They are so appropriate for summer. I tested the teal colour.


Boom! Not bad right? I used two coats on all my fingers. It goes on thin, so you do need multiple layers but it was relatively easy to apply. I’ve had it on for a few days now and it hasn’t chipped. Definitely not a bad buy.


Adorable Shirts from TeeTurtle


Ok, I admit I clicked on a Facebook ad. It led me toΒ TeeTurtle, a site that sells cute, nerdy T-shirts! I ordered two as a test for $12 each, which is a decent price for original prints. My order came in an adorably packaged envelope with the site mascot. Wouldn’t you be so excited if you saw this in the mail?


The first shirt was this “Pokermon” T-shirt. Get it?


It’s such a corny joke but look how adorable they all are.


My second choice was a more girl power print with a bunch of princesses gossiping by a fire. I think Sleeping Beauty is my favourite part of this.


This one looks a bit looser because I accidentally ordered a “standard T-shirt” instead of a Women’s T-shirt, which are usually cut differently. That’s okay though! I love this print so much.

The prints are vivid and great quality. The fabric is comfy and soft. It also arrived sooner than I thought, since the shipping wasn’t very expensive (around $2). Β I’ll definitely be browsing the site for more cute tees soon.

Dollarama Reviews: Warhead Freezies


I didn’t know Dollarama sold freezies, let alone Warhead flavoured ones! I couldn’t resist trying these out. They come in 4 flavours: watermelon, blue raspberry, apple and black cherry.

Of course they must be chilled a day before you actually eat them. My first reaction to the pops was “hey this isn’t too sour” but then after about 5 seconds you get the note of sour. I wouldn’t say it was “extreme”, it is just the right amount of sour to both tease your tastebuds and make them still edible.

My First Trip to MUJI

IMG_1937 copy
It’s not often I blog about going into a store, but I couldn’t resist this one. Japanese store MUJI had opened up last year but I didn’t follow the hype. Plus, they were so popular that they were completely out of stock for the first few months. I finally paid it a visit today because I was looking for a small shelf for my make-up. MUJI was known for having household goods that were affordable.

IMG_1940When I walked in, I was impressed by the “lack of branding”. It’s part of MUJI’s mission statement to not have branding slapped all over their products. They really do focus on being minimal. In the above photo, these tiny squares are actually T-shirts and towels. How a towel can fit in a cube, I do not know.

IMG_1941These lotions and soaps look so plain, it’s almost amazing in our North American branded world. I guess when you really think about it, their lack of branding IS the brand.

IMG_1938There were so many cool (but totally unnecessary things). Take this beautiful CD player you can hang on your wall for example.


My favourite section was the stationery section. They had a wide selection of notebooks, paper, pens and post-it notes shaped as cats. It was all affordable! I dragged myself out of there before I bought everything.


I did end up buying this notebook with recycled paper. The paper actually feels smooth, unlike the newsprinty stuff you get here when notebooks are eco friendly. It was only $2.50

DSCF2267I also purchased this random hexagon shaped pen.

DSCF2266And.. I did find the perfect mini-drawer for my makeup!



More trips to Muji are in order soon.



Dollarama Review: Chalkboard Mug



I found this adorable mug at Dollarama that has a mini chalkboard on it. For $2, it came with 2 white pieces of chalk that allowed me to write a message on my cup of joe.


I liked the bright red of the mug, though the material seems a bit like it can easily be chipped. That’s okay, at least such a creative thing was inexpensive! Now I can wake myself up with a nice message or surprise visitors with a cup of tea.