I Finally Have My Own Internet!

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I don’t think I mentioned this previously, but last month I made a big leap and moved out of my parent’s house for the first time (going to University didn’t count). It was also the same month I had the important trip out East to my best friend’s wedding so I decided not to hook myself to internet until I returned.

That explains why I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to here (and elsewhere too). My sister also somehow used 95% of our phone data in 3 days. I had access to the internet at the boyfriend’s place and when I was out east, but I find it hard to write and generate ideas when I’m hanging out with other people. It was interesting being slightly disconnected for a month. I found myself doing more household chores, cooking, going for walks, reading, doing the things that I would have normally thought I had no time to do. It’s amazing how much time I can waste staring at a screen just because it’s available.

I finally became connected again with Teksavvy. As a first time user, I can honestly say that I was very happy with the customer service I received. They were able to accommodate the fact that I was only available on weekends for installation and I have a Mac Air with no ethernet ports. Within 10 minutes, I was connected. I love having 24/7 access to the internet again, but that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally drop it to appreciate other things in life a little more.

Anyways, I have a backlog of delicious and pretty things to post, so lookout!

Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Resolution Wireless Headphones Review


Over on Ride the Tempo, I’m giving away a pair of Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Res wireless headphones and I also had the pleasure of being sent my very own pair to review.

The biggest surprise was that they fit comfortably on my giant head, a serious problem I’ve had with other headphones like Skullcandy. They Sony headphones are light and the ear pads are soft and comfy. The band is loose enough that it doesn’t add too much pressure to my head.

These were the first wireless headphones I’ve ever owned and I found them very easy to set up with my iPhone. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 17 hours of continuous play, so it would probably last a normal person a week without charging. While Bluetooth is activated, there are also volume, track control and answer call buttons that can be used. Included in the box is a cord if wired play is desired. There’s also a microphone on the headphones for answering calls. They do take a while to charge though with a laptop. However, the USB end plugs into my iPhone/iPad blocks without problem.

Now to get to the sound! While wired or wireless, I found that the mid to high-end sounds were crisp and amazing. I also swear to god that the headphones sound a bit different now than when I first tested them on my laptop and iPhone. I think they have a burn-in period where it auto-adjusts how it sounds. The bass is just how I like it, but I could see EDM listeners thinking it’s not “booming” enough. However, these headphones react well to EQ adjustments, so for those who want a little more of certain levels than that is an option.

Design-wise these are sleek and like I previously mentioned, super light. They ear cups swivel so that they can easily fold into the included portable carrying case. I’ll definitely be putting these in my purse.

To learn more about the Sony MDR10RBT headphones head over here. Learn more about the Sony Hi-Res line at: http://store.sony.ca/hi-res-audio/cat-31-catid-All-Hi-Res-Audio. To win your own pair, head over to RTT now!

Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

A few months ago I received my first #MapleVoxBox from Influenster, a service that is a little like Klout but encourages you to be more involved.
IMG_2632The package was mailed to me in a little box with an Influenster sticker.
IMG_2638This edition featured Impress Manicure’s Press on Nails. Everybody received different colours. I got a purple and gold patter, as well as a bright orange. Both were things I wouldn’t normally wear but I kept the purple and gold and gave the orange to my little sister.

Each package has 24 nails in different sizes. They’re quite easy to put on. You just peel off the back and press down on your nails. Originally, I put them on upside down because I liked the rounded edge facing up. However, the rounded edge is supposed to line-up with cuticles. You get a longer-lasting nail when you put them on the right way.

IMG_8901I thought they looked nice, like I had a fancy manicure. However, I didn’t really like the general “feel” of them. They constantly felt like a burden on my fingers and whenever I brushed my fingers through my hair, they would get caught or fall off. They’re nice if you lack time and want to get fancy for a night out, but not something I’d wear day to day.

Instagram “Like” Necklace

IMG_9379I saw this adorable necklace the last time I ordered on Photojojo and had been thinking about it ever since. Then one day I gave in and impulsively ordered it.

IMG_9356IMG_9360I love their silly branding of always sending a dinosaur with every package. They even tell you that on the box. Not entirely sure why a little necklace needed a big box though.

IMG_9357IMG_9361The charm itself is a lot bigger than I thought it was in real life and sits on a shiny silver-plated chain. It’s a Photojojo exclusive made by modern jewellery company, Plastique.

IMG_9389It’s been a lovely accessory and conversation starter when meeting new people last week at CMW!

#GooglePlayMusic Launch Party

photo 5
Last night, I attended the Google Play Music Canada launch party! The service is Google’s entry into music streaming in Canada. For a limited the first month is free and $7.99/month (regular $9.99) after the trial. You can check out Google Play here.

The food was catered by La Carnita and there was plenty of it! I totally stuffed my face with free food and drinks. Everything was delicious, including a cookies and cream popsicle that was to die for.

The night’s entertainment was provided by Stars, Kevin Drew, A Tribe Called Red and Keys N’ Krates.

.@youarestars beginning with "take me to the riot" #googleplaymusic

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.@kevinselection singing "Mexicam Aftershow Party" cuz there's tacos afterall #googleplaymusic

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.@atribecalledred turning this to a dance party #googleplaymusic

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Damn it wish I had my actual camera to capture this hoop game @atribecalledred #googleplaymusic

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The room was familiar faces from my Twitter feed and I did muster up the courage to talk to a few of them.
photo 1There was also plenty of stations around with tablets and headphones to try out the new service. I will totally admit I avoided them for a little bit because all I saw was things like Mumford and Sons and Avril Lavigne on the screen but when I played around I realized there’s a huge catalogue of other music available and it will only keep growing. I also talked to a representative who talked about a hub that may be soon available to indie musicians.
As I left the party, they handed out a wrapped gift that happened to be a Google Chromecast. I haven’t actually heard of it before the fact but I’m excited to try it.
Look out for my Chromecast experiences in my Vlog!