Why I Moved To Adobe Creative Cloud

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For the first time in 10 years, I bought a legitimate and updated copy of Adobe Photoshop. In the past, I’ve always had either versions that came with cameras or less than reliable versions I’ve downloaded from the internet. I decided to subscribe to the photography package that includes Adobe Photshop CC and Lightroom 5 for $10/month.

Even though people criticized Adobe’s move to the Cloud I found many advantages:

$10 month is affordable. In the past, each iteration of Photoshop would cost like $500. Even previous copies of Lightroom costed around $200 on it’s own. At $10 a month, this would only be $120 year. I feel that the only people who complain about this pricing are people who’ve probably never bought it in the past.

It will always be the most updated copy. For $120 year you can always have the most updated version instead of forking up more money to own a piece of software. People need to let go of the idea of ownership in software.

There are some awesome upgrades from CS6. Camera shake reduction, smart sharpen, perspective changing are some unique advantages to the Creative Cloud software.

The option to save things on the cloud. Each subscription comes with 20GB in Adobe’s Cloud so you can always have your projects on hand. There are also mobile apps that allow you to continue working on your devices.

It can be installed on two computers. When you buy a Creative Cloud license you can have it installed on two computers regardless of operating system, so you don’t need to worry about buying the right discs.

It’s convenient and safe.  No more disabling updates or using dodgy practises to change a computer’s registry which can affect the longevity of a computer. 

For the price of one less burger a month, I can have the best photo editing software out there in my arsenal.

Bye Meerkat! Hello Periscope

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Whenever there’s a new social network, I often rush to become an early adopter. To me, it doesn’t really matter if that the general public hasn’t seen the value of them yet. I like to learn the value of each myself for my own interests as well to keep up to date on what’s on trend for professional reasons.

Recently, I talked about new live streaming service Meerkat. A little while after, Twitter bought and launched a very similar service called Periscope. While I see the advantages of Meerkat, I soon discovered that Periscope was a better fit for me. It was connected to Twitter and streams also saved so that they could be rebroadcasted. Often when Meerkat streams were over, the tweets led to dead links. These two reasons alone were enough to convince me to make the switch. I also believe it will take an even larger marketshare once it hits the Android store.

So if you’re a Periscope user and would like to find me you can find me under my usual username “@tianafeng”! I’ve been having a lot of fun showing people my fridge so far (of which I still don’t understand the obsession).

Are you part of the live stream craze? If so, which app are you using?

Follow Me on Meerkat!

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Meerkat is the latest craze in live video streaming that was buzzing at SXSW. It has great potential as a way to share live events and push it to Twitter. However, Twitter actually purchased a very similar app called Periscope. But it is Meerkat that is getting more of the attention and has already raised over $12 million in venture capital funding.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.53.28 PMLast night I streamed my own video for the first time. It was a live feed of my turtles (basically doing nothing) and it gained 15 viewers in seconds, many of which weren’t previously my Twitter followers. I don’t know where they came from but I guess the app is so popular now that people are looking for new feeds to follow!

You can find me at http://meerkatapp.co/tianafeng/.

Generate Your Own Job Description

I’m not at SXSW but I was reading this article on how attendees have job descriptions in their bio that nobody understands. Most are filled with buzz words that you have no idea what they are talking about half the time. This doesn’t just happen at SXSW by the way. Last weekend during brunch, I overheard a guy have a full on conversation full of buzz words that really just have empty meanings, sound cool but have no substance. Anyways, today I stumbled on this bogus job description generator.

The first few I got were close enough

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.55.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.58.30 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.05.23 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.04.56 PM


Then it just got weird:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.04.40 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.05.13 PM

JUNOS Weekend Through Instagram

I'm an alien #JUNOS

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I’ve been busy this past while with JUNOS and post-JUNOS stuff. I thought I’d take you through some of those adventures through Instagram. It was my first time covering JUNO weekend. It just never worked out logistically in the past. When I went to get my ID made, they turned me blue!

Switching roles with @curlybecs @changetheending #socanbash

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On Friday, SOCAN had their Friends & Family party. My publicist friends decided it would be fun to switch places and for once they’d be the photographers.

.@tremission #junos

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Then I went to a hiphop show at a venue by the lake. It was kind of like Hamilton’s version of Sound Academy.

Can't believe I am still awake but here is Saukrates #junos

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We stayed up until 2am waiting for Saukrates (one of my co-worker’s favourites) to go on.

Steak, salmon and lobster bennies. I am in some sort of heaven #food

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On Saturday we woke up early and had brunch at Jack & Lois.

Chilling with @jenngrantmusic who is awesome irl #junos

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After brunch we interviewed Jenn Grant, who is the most awesome in person.

Most adorable thing at #junos. Always support music education #musicounts #tdbank

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The TD Lounge were supporting local Hamilton schools and I saw these adorable kids play!

.@richaucoin rules every city he lands in ❤️✌️#junofest

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I almost didn’t get into this Rich Aucoin show (he owns every city he is in) but I waited patiently in line and the bouncer let me in. I ended up leaving a whole bunch of confetti in my co-worker’s car.

At the #junos songwriter circle!

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On Sunday Morning, I attended the JUNOS songwriter circle where songwriters shared stories before performing acoustic versions of their songs.

.@sarahrix and I at the #junos media room. I just dropped her cake. Plz forgive me?

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Backstage of the JUNOS gala, I sat beside my friend Sarah and dropped her piece of complimentary cake. Oops!

Life is interesting sometimes and Instagram is such a great way to relive it!