Damn it, Smithers!


I’ve been getting more Lego Simpsons mini figures in an attempt to collect all of them but all I keep getting are Smithers. Damn it Smithers!

How do you wake up?Β 


My boyfriend is the type of person who will set an alarm and press snooze half a dozen times before he wakes up or sometimes have multiple alarms. I don’t know how he does it. It would (does) drive me nuts.

I am be opposite. I like my sleep uninterrupted. I set one single alarm so that I have the minimal amount of time between when I have to get up and when I must head out the door. I feel like I get the most optimal sleep this way. As well, my body naturally trains itself to wake up at the exact same time and I feel awake by the time I am at work. 

There’s no real right or wrong way but my way works for me. How do you wake up? 

Relax how you wantΒ 

 How do you unwind? Sometimes it’s watch some Netflix. But lately my thing is eating Popsicles in the bathtub. How about you? 

The Middle Seat Is The Worst


Do you ever find yourself on a packed subway train and discover that the only empty seat is the middle seat? The one between two people.

Sometimes there’s a bag on it and you have to ask someone if you could interrupt their comfortably seated belongings. Other times there is a guy manspreading (spreading his legs and taking up two seats). They can be too squishy, especially when I am carrying my worldly belongings on my back. I try my best not to touch anyone as if everyone is made of lava.

A lot of times the middle seat exists because strangers don’t want to sit beside each other. However, I frequently discover after sitting down that the two people on both ends do know each other and I become the awkward fulcrum to a very weird seesaw. I listen to two people share their lives in great detail, without a care in the world that there is a person awkwardly between them.

Now when I see that empty middle seat, I would rather stand and watch other people experience it for themselves.

Google Your Name and The Word “Meme”



I recently saw a post where someone asked people to google their name and the word “meme”. So I did. The majority of mine are Princess Tiana related.

But some are bizarre.


What on earth does this mean?

What on earth does this mean?

Some results were completely random.


What do you get when you google your name and the word meme?