Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

IMG_0045Yesterday, my parents and I visited Terre Bleu Lavender farm near Milton. Unfortunately, a cold winter and late frost in May has stunted their growth so they weren’t as long and purple as they could have been.

IMG_0023What did grow was still a beautiful purple and spelt wonderful and relaxing. I took a tour of the facility and learnt a great deal about the healing properties of lavender.

IMG_9975The place has only been open to public for the past 2 years. A beautiful wooden shop acts as the main entrance.

IMG_9978There were a few different types of lavender for different uses, cooking, oil production etc. It takes many rows of lavender in order to create a few millilitres of oil, which explains why pure oil is so expensive!

IMG_0107They also had their own bee hives, which were seeing a decrease in bees due to spraying of pesticides. Terre bleu produces it’s own pure lavender honey.

DSCF2244After the tour ended, we had some lavender ice cream from the shop. It was delicious!


IMG_0015Teddy loved the smell of the fields.

Here are some more random photos and selfies.




Eating my WayHome


Who needs a food truck festival when music festivals have just as many? WayHome festival last weekend was no exception. I ate my fill of street food. In addition, Drake Hotel also had an area set up with different vendors in the VIP section with all sorts of different items. I ate my fill of things just from this section alone.


First were these fried fish and shrimp with tartar sauce. They were generously seasoned.


I refreshed myself with a raspberry icecream sandwich. It was like a smoothie in between two cookies.


This shrimp salad was a refreshing snack. I also had a watermelon feta salad that was lovely (but I wolfed it down before I took a photo of it).


Lastly they had fresh raw oyster with various dipping sauces. On the final day they had 3 for the price of the previous days so I sort of went crazy and had 12. I had never tried raw oysters before but they went down so well with their sauces (named after headlining bands of the day). Sam Smith was a sweet pomegranate sauce.


The Vitamin Water sponsored section had “clouds” that you could taste in many different flavours.


Afterwards, you were rewarded with some Vitamin Water icecream which was a bit odd.


I love Buster’s Sea Cove’s  truck and I always get something every time I see it. I opted for their lobster roll which had generous chunks of lobster.


I also couldn’t resist their keylime pie in an adorable jar!



Hank Daddy’s BBQ served up this beautiful pulled pork parfait. Don’t worry there wasn’t any ice cream in it, just mashed potatoes, BBQ sauce, pulled pork and beans!


Umami Bites filled my belly with these Pork Belly Wonton Tacos.


Lastly, I had these delicious ribs from a place I can’t seem to remember the name to, which is sad because I’d love to eat these ribs again in their brick and mortar restaurant which they mentioned was on the Danforth! If you happen to know, you’d make me the happiest person.

Update: I found out through the app that it was Uncle Smoke BBQ who bring St. Louis style BBQ to their delicious meat.

I realized that I forgot to post the food of Field Trip and Bestival this year so those will be coming soon in a round-up post. Eat with you again soon!

Happy Kitchen: Cake Edition


I bought another one of those weird Japanese candy kit things! This time I made a miniature cake.


Inside there were a bunch of coloured powders and candy to decorate the cake with.

Watch me make it here:

So I ended up with this…..


Does it look exactly like the one on the box? To be fair, it is all the same once it is eaten. It did indeed taste like cake and icing.




Not too long ago I tried my first halo-halo. My sister’s boyfriend is Filipino and I’m always open to food from other cultures! Halo-halo literally means “mixed together” and that’s kind of the basic concept of this dessert drink. This particular one had taro ice cream, shaved ice, evaporated milk, cereal, jello, coconut and more.

I’m interested to know what other interesting drinks there are out there in other cultures. I’ve had mango lassis, Persian doogh’s but I’d love to drink/eat my way through other eclectic drinks. What do you recommend?

Home of the Brave

My friend had heard of Home of the Brave because of their ridiculous soft-serve and so we decided to hit it up for dinner! We didn’t have a reservation so we had to wait around 30 minutes for a table on a Thursday night. The restaurant does a twist on classic American cuisine.

IMG_1831I ordered the Chicken and Waffles which had crispy sourdough waffles, a spiced maple syrup drizzle of sour cream. Before going here, someone told us that they thought there was too much syrup but I actually thought the amount of syrup was perfect! I dipped everything in it and the chicken still remained crunchy.

IMG_1833My friend ordered the Home of the Brave Burger with house ground ribeye, HOTB pickle mayo, house American cheese, tomato and lettuce.

IMG_1834Another had the 76er Philly Cheesesteak with shaved ribeye, caramelized onion, red chilli, melted cheddar, chives.

IMG_1829We ordered a few cocktails which were totally better than the ones at the Luckyrice event I attended.

IMG_1839And finally soft serve! I had the Presidential Pretzel with vanilla, caramel, granny apple, pretzel and Skor crumble. I also shared the Chocolate Peanut Butter EpiPen with my friend. It was so full of peanuts!

Here is us enjoying our soft serve:

We came for the soft serve #selfie #toeats #food #yum

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We enjoyed all our food (the chicken & waffles and soft serve especially) and we’ll definitely come again to eat more ice cream!

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