Electric Mud BBQ

Located on Brock Ave in Parkdale, Electric Mud BBQ serves up unique BBQ eats. It’s by the owned by the same people as buzzy Mexican restaurant Grand Electric (which we still haven’t been there because we aren’t really committed to lining up for a meal). The first item we ordered was the day’s special, a grilled chicken. It came with a dipping sauce, but we couldn’t tell if it tasted better with or without. The white sauce, chives and marinade were already perfect.

photo-6Also our meat list were these rib ends. They were crispy and had a tangy bbq sauce spiced with jalapenos.

photo-7Since we were eating meat, we thought we’d get some vegetables as a side. Well, sort of. These buffalo cauliflower (compete with a blue cheese salad) resembled classic buffalo wings. What a lovely twist.

photo-4To wash it down I had a lovely Porch Crawler (watermelon lemonade, thai basil gin and simple syrup).

photo-3Nash had a Bourbonade (which is exactly what it sounds like).

photo-8Somehow, we had room for dessert, but I am glad because this Sweet Potato Pudding was to die for.

Our overall experience was lovely and we just learned the place delivers! Now we can get our BBQ on even if we’re lazy.

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Clara’s Gourmet Burgers


We stumbled upon Clara’s Gourmet Burgers while on a walk in the area, and naturally we had to try it. They had a creative burger menu with very affordable prices.

photo-4 I had the Bruschetta Burger with diced tomato, feta, oregano. The flavours worked quite nicely together with the beef. I ordered them with a side of sweet potato fries which were also very good. Not to mention GIANT:

Imagine the sweet potato that made that!

Nash had the Nacho Burger with jalapenos, onions, tomatos, lettuce, and nacho chips!

photo-1The tables at the restaurant are all chalkboard so we amused ourselves while we waited for our food.

They aren’t the most complex burgers in the world, but they didn’t need to be and it was definitely worth the price! They do run out of ingredients for some of their burgers throughout the day so if you want to try something like the seafood or mahi mahi, go earlier! They were unavailable in the evening when we visited.

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The Porch – A Rooftop Patio

photo 1
On top of Adelaide Hall and Rock n’ Horse Saloon is a relatively new rooftop patio called The Porch. The place has a lovely unobstructed view of the CN Tower. I was there for a friend’s birthday and ordered a margarita which came in a bucket the size of my head. Considering it was around $10, it was a great value.

photo 2The menu features finger foods as well as pub food like burgers and ribs. I ordered the guacamole with corn chips to start ($14).

photo 3I also had the Korean Short Ribs ($15) which were served with market greens in a balsamic vinaigrette.

photo 4While I think it is a great place for drinks, I think the food is overpriced for what you get as they weren’t anything special. Also worth noting is that if you make a reservation, it doesn’t guarantee a table or your party’s spot in line. The few times I’ve been there, there was no cover, but I could also see this changing if it hasn’t already.

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Interesting Food Combinations @ Lisa Marie

photo 4
Named after Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie the Toronto restaurant is owned by the same people behind the Fidel Gastro food truck. The decor includes an Elvis print. We were delighted by the experimental sounding menu. There’s always some sort of weird sounding twist almost as if you were playing the game “which one of these doesn’t belong?”. For example we started with the Pork Belly Chow Mein Pizza ($10 pictured above). The combination of crispy pork belly, king oyster mushrooms, chow mein, sweet and sour sauce on top of a deep fried pizza dough was playful but it actually worked surprisingly well together.

photo 5Nash I chose to share the Mac and Cheese, one of the day’s specials ($22). This was no regular Mac and Cheese. Inside the cheese itself was pulled pork and it was also topped with fresh Pico de Gallo (cilantro, tomato, avocado, green onions etc).There were probably a bunch of other ingredients I missed but the waitress did a great job of naming everything and making our jaw drop every time she explained a menu/special item. Despite the seemingly ridiculous sounding combination, this Mac & Cheese was delightful. Every spoonful was like a new adventure. It was also a generous portion that there was enough left over for the next day’s lunch.

Another thing that can’t be ignored is their fabulously witty drink menu. Nash had The Lazy Sunday comprised of Hendricks gin, sunflower sprout lemonade and Jack Rudy Small Batch tonic. It had enough alcohol that if you had too many, you’d probably need to take an actual lazy Sunday. I had the Testa Dura (means “stubborn” in Italian). In it was Tromba tequila, Asperol, fresh lime and limonata. It was tart and refreshing at the same time. All the drinks will definitely give you your moneys worth in alcohol.

photo 6
This photo looks a little funny, but it’s their play of Elvis in a Jar ($6). The jar consisted of maple/rum fried french toast, bacon, peanut butter marscapone, flambéed bananas topped with a big piece of crispy bacon. In a nutshell it was heaven and even though we were so stuffed from the rest of the meal this jar was definitely licked clean.

photo 7We were happy with the entire experience from the creative food to the friendly waitress who was very knowledgeable on all the dishes. At the end our bill came in a random cassette!

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Bird’s Nests and Things @ Farmhouse Tavern

photo 2
It’s rare that we have time to have brunch, so when we do we go all out. After a lovely meal at Farmer’s Daughter, we thought visiting the parent restaurant Farmhouse Tavern was a must.

Like their name would imply, the restaurant serves up farm fresh food. I ordered their take on a Bird’s Nest, which was a poached egg over squash than the traditional bread. It was served with fresh vegetables such as asparagus and greens. I can’t remember entirely but I can remember that it was the best brunch I had ever eaten.

photo 3Nash had the Eggs Benedict with Gravlax and kale. Gravlax sounds like it could be a gross laxative, but it’s actually a Nordic cured salmon. The hollandaise sauce was seriously to die for. It was the perfect texture and flavour.

photo 1To wash it all down we had their Farmhouse Smoked Caesar which was topped with an oyster and asparagus. It had a unique flavour from caper berries. Their glasses informed us of different Canadian cities and I almost considered taking the Fredericton mug for my best friend.

If you’re ever in the mood to go on an indulgent brunch, Farmhouse Tavern is seriously the place to be!

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