Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato

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Urbanspoon has now completely merged with Zomato! In case you haven’t noticed,all my previous Urbanspoon buttons have now auto-converted to Zomato ones. You can read my previous introduction to Zomato here.

I’m very excited for this change. Urbanspoon has needed a facelift for years. Zomato makes eating out much like a social network. The layout is beautiful and there are even curated recommendations. You can bookmark places to try out later, call for reservations or even book an Uber to the restaurant with the app.

If you used to follow me on Urbanspoon, you can now find me on Zomato at https://www.zomato.com/tianafeng.

Pho Jade



Nash and I live very close to Pho Jade, which serves Vietnamese cuisine. We’ve gone a couple of times but I totally forgot to write about it. Last week we went again and I ordered the grilled pork and sausage vermicelli. Everything was very flavourful including their version of the fish sauce and the portion was just right.


We also had the mango and Coconut Shrimp Fresh Rolls. I’d never had any outside the traditional shrimp ones. This also contained avocado which was a fabulous contrast of texture with the mango and crunchy shrimp. They are a hefty little appetizer so I recommend sharing it if you’re ordering it in addition to a meal.

So far, Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto have been a hit and miss but I’m happy to say that this one nearby is a hit!


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Desserts @ OCHO


My friend Melody and I recently stopped into Hotel Ocho for desserts and a drink. We are strangely similar people and we managed to order the exact same thing. A Raspberry Crême Brûlée with strawberries and shortbread. It was very delicious and had a sweet raspberry sauce to dip the cookie or spoon in!


It was also half price martini night, and I couldn’t resist ordering what was called I’m Sorry Your Face. Isn’t that a hilarious name for a cocktail? Anyways it was vodka, mango juice and sprite. It went down super easily.

While we didn’t have any of the meals yet, I can highly recommend the dessert and cocktail menu!
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Why I Love Brunch

Victoria's Day brunch! #toeats #food #brunch

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Having brunch on the weekends has been a regular occurrence lately and I think it may be my all-time favourite meal. Here’s why I love brunch:

  • It means the weekend has arrived and is a nice way to wind down
  • It has to be somewhat planned in advance so it’s a thing to look forward to all week
  • Brunch seems like a simple meal, but in Toronto the options can get complicated and creative. You can even find all sorts of cultural brunches around town.
  • Great way to catch up with friends/boyfriend because they are often available for brunch and most likely love brunch too
  • I love Eggs Benedicts
  • You can have alcohol early in the day (mimosas, ceasars etc)
  • Excuse to eat more bacon

Bacon bennies #brunch #toeats

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What do you think of brunch? Do you love it or hate it?

Steak Frites @ Burdock


I’m about to head out to Burdock for a show but last week I also had dinner there. It’s a trendy new bar with a small menu of snacks and mains. I opted for the Steak Frites (pictured above). It was buttery and delicious and I loved the sauces that it came with.

IMG_1270My friend and I also shared a mushroom and cheese crouton thing that was gone in two seconds.

They also had a great selection of local craft beers. I opted for an IPA called the Great Lakes Octopus Wants to Fight because who the hell could resist a name like that?

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