Kinka Izakaya Tasting (Bloor Street West)


After a franchise contract ended, all Guu Izakayas were renamed Kinka Izakaya, explained the owner after we sampled a delicious meal on Monday. A bunch of bloggers were invited to a tasting with a guest and I was lucky enough to be one of them!


We started our meal with drinks. I had the Cassis Peach Oolong: cassis liquer, peach liquer, oolong tea.


Nash had the Sake Highball: sake, whisky, cointeau, soda and orange.


Our first dish was the Gomaae: blanched spinach with sesame sauce. It was seasoned generously.


Maguro Tataki: seared BC tuna sashimi with ponzu and garlic chips. This was super fresh and one of my favourite dishes as the sides were perfectly seared to leave a soft pink middle.


The Seaweed & Tofu salad was a refreshing palate cleansing part of the meal.


Their Karaage was nicely fried, moist in the centre and served with a garlic mayo. I liked it more without the mayo personally as the batter had a soy sauce touch.


Kaki Mayo: Baked BC oyster with spinach & garlic mayo topped with cheese.


 Karubi: grilled miso marinated short ribs.


Gindara: grilled miso marinated black cod with yuzu miso sauce. This was my favourite dish. The fish was melt in your mouth and the skin was to die for!


Lastly (before dessert), in case I wasn’t already full (which I was) there was a Kinoko Bibimbap with rice, mushrooms, cheese and seaweed sauce.


Dessert was a piece of Sake Tirimisu. The alcohol was subtle but would sneak up on me! It worked will in a tirimisu.


Our delicious meal concluded with a gift bag, and they lived up to their logo of “serving people happiness”. Our night was full of fresh, delightful food and superior service.

This meal was complimentary but views are my own.
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Don’t Put Pizza in The Microwave For Too Long

Today I brought two pieces of leftover pizza to work for lunch. I reheated and stupidly pressed 2 minutes for some reason. When the microwave beeped, I came back to two pieces of charcoal. What a sad Monday. Lesson learned: don’t reheat pizza for too long. Thank god I did not set the building on fire!

Anyways to counteract my sad pizza day here is me surrounded by a lot of pizza:


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Prix Fixe at Barque Butcher Bar


I went to Butcher Bar (by the same people who own Barque) for a friend’s birthday. We did the family style prix fixe menu of 6 courses. While I waited for everyone to arrive I sipped on the Chupacubra: tromba blanco, 1/2 oz campari, lime and grapefruit. I could definitely feel the alcohol but it was fruity and easy to flip.


Our first course was an arugula and tomato salad with feta. The vinaigrette was nice and light but paired very well.


This was followed by some smoked chicken wings that were super delicious. There was an element to the dry rub that reminded me of chocolate but I’m not sure if that’s what it was. They also came with a ketchup and mustard based dipping sauces, but I liked my wings without it.


Other sides included green beans


and crunchy potato wedges.



More meat came in the form of a platter with ribs, brisket and fried chicken wings. It was messy, but worth getting my fingers dirty.


My second drink of the night was a Sake Sour: sake, dillon’s gin, grapefruit, egg white and nutmeg. This one was less fruity than the first and was almost like drinking a latte.


We finished the night with a lovely caramel cheese cake.


Happy birthday Jess!
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What’s My Favourite Food?


People like to ask me what my favourite food is and weirdly I think the answer isn’t pizza or burgers… it’s RIBS. I can never resist a nice juicy rack of ribs, whether they are homemade or from a restaurant!

What’s your favourite food?

Bare Burger


Every year for Nash’s birthday, we seek out a new delicious burger joint to try. Since we’ve tried so many, I looked to Zomato for suggestions and they sent me two lists. Bareburger was on both lists and it was one we hadn’t heard of yet!

The place specializes in organic, free range meats, though that wasn’t the reason we were there. We just like burgers. I ordered the Southern Caviar burger (pictured above) which had bison, pimento cheese, back bacon, stout onions, horseradish remoulade on a brioche bun. Everything went really well together and their house bacon is so delicious! The meat was juicy and cooked very well.

DSCF6077Nash had the El Matador which had bison, cheese curds, pickled jalapenos, guacomole, green leaf, spicy pico de gallo on a brioche bun. This was super messy but so worth getting hands dirty for. So much gooey goodness going on here.


We also ordered the Macho Fries which were crunchy fries topped with jalapeno, guacomole, pico de gallo, pepperjack cheese and a sauce with a kick. These were so good we finished the entire giant bowl AND our burgers.


To wash things down I sipped a Figs & Bacon. I didn’t know I was supposed to put the bacon in the drink so I just ate it. Hahahahaha it was worth it (because their bacon is delicious).


Nash had The Mexican which was a happy hour drink with tequila and ginger beer.

We were super impressed with the burgers. They were both fantastic combinations of ingredients and didn’t leave us feeling like we were dying. Definitely a highly recommended burger place.

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