The New Come And Get It

photo 3
Pop-up restaurant Come and Get It now has a permanent home on Queen West, a few blocks away from its previous Spadina location. I believe the menu is still very similar at lunch but things get switched up to a tapas style during dinner time. It still follows a similar menu of choosing a flavour and format. The menu has icons of little people, but I’m not sure what they mean because I went with my friend Melody and according to the chart, we ate 8 little people’s worth of food. We went for one of each item, except the poutine.

photo 5 To start we had the Bag O’Bites ($3), which were plantain chips served with a side of spicy mayo. I have never had fresh plantain chips and quite enjoyed this. We also used this as utensils to scoop up stuff we dropped from the flat bread.

photo 1The Snack (3.85) was a one bite ceviche served on a crispy chip, which reminds me a little of Asian shrimp chips, only thinner.

photo 6For our Flatbread ($9.75) we chose Hawaiian Pork Belly as the topping. Seriously we don’t know what the icon of four people would mean on the menu. Four people would fight over this flatbread as we gobbled it up quite quickly. I loved the tenderness and flavour of the pork and sauce. It also had the crispy chip thing of the ceviche.

photo 2Lastly, we had the Chipotle Short Rib Sliders ($5.75) because we saw other people have them and they looked adorable. LOOK AT IT. Oh, and it was also delicious.

photo 4I’ve been obsessed with like “alcholic lemonade”-like drinks at restaurants lately. The closest thing to that here was the Chill Girlfriend $14 which had gin, St. Germain, basil, prosecco, cucumber and lime. It was very cool and refreshing and very alcoholic.

Anyways, I quite enjoyed the food at Come and Get It. But note that if you go, prepare to eat more than the menu suggests. Oh, I forgot we also saw Sandy Cohen (the dad from the OC) eating there, which was kind of awesome and random.

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Boo Radley’s

photo 1
Nash moved a couple blocks West of where he was so now we have a whole new area of food to explore. Our first stop was this very homey place called Boo Radley’s, named after the mysterious character from To Kill a Mocking Bird. The menu has a lot of familiar comfort foods such as the Pulled Pork Sandwich I ordered (pictured above). I also had a side of Cream of Asparagus Soup.

photo 2Nash’s pick the special of the day: a jerk tilapia with blueberry salsa was the best thing ever. It’s interesting that they have familiar things on the menu but offered such an interesting special that night! The fish was tender, moist and delicious and I loved the seasoning. Even the salsa was very good.

photo 3We couldn’t resist the dessert of the day, a French toast bread pudding with ice cream. We shared one but we sort of wish we got two because we licked the bowl clean!

This place will definitely be our new regular hangout!

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Truffle Mac & Cheese @ The Crest

photo 2Before going to The Crest, I accidentally Googled the menu for the Crest Gastropub in Columbus Ohio and did not notice until we actually got to restaurant. Luckily, the Crest on St. Clair West was a pleasant surprise and one of my new favourite discoveries. The 6-cheese Truffle Mac ($8) heavenly. It was so simple, yet complex and I would return for this item alone. It’s definitely the best Mac & Cheese I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve had some with bacon).

photo 3I also had an order of Sweet Potato Chips ($6) that was served with Maple Aioli. They were thin and lovely. Definitely better than chips with normal potatoes.

photo 1To sip on, I had the Crest Lemonade ($9) which consisted of vodka, cucumber, basil and lemonade. It was very refreshing and I liked the addition of basil.

photo 4Nash ordered one of the day’s special, a Steak Sandwich with a side of fries. It was very flavourful and the portion was generous.

I’m definitely glad we went here, even if it was sort of by accident! This menu turned out to be way better than the accidental restaurant we looked up. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy sign outside. It’s definitely worth walking in.

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iPad Ordering @ Heart Sushi

Mississauga’s sushi landscape is quite competitive. In fact, I’ve noticed that on Urbanspoon, competitors even leave negative comments on each others pages. Heart Sushi only opened a few months ago in Heartland and has already gained buzz and popularity. We decided to try the buffet dinner recently for Dad’s birthday.

sushi10The restaurant was big and spacious. Compared to 168 Sushi’s iPad ordering system this one was quick and efficient. We didn’t need to call someone over to confirm the order on the iPad. In fact, at Heart Sushi the system worked so fast that in minutes after hitting send we would see new food on the table.

The sashimi was very fresh and served beautifully on ice. There was a wide selection of items on the menu that had Korean and Thai items in addition to Japanese. The portions were a bit smaller than other places but this allowed us to try more menu items, so I was happy with that! Here are photos of some of the food:

Heart Sushi is definitely one of the best AYCE sushi places I’ve tried so far in Mississauga.

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Burgers & Fries @ This End Up

photo 1We were in the Dundas West area for a party so we stopped by This End Up for dinner. A reservation is recommended. We didn’t have one and walked in randomly but luckily there was space at the bar. The space is relatively small and everywhere else was already reserved (Note: It was a Saturday).

I ordered the Chutney Burger ($14 pictured above) which had pork belly, cheddar, tomato and apple chutney, umami mayo and arugala. It was definitely one of the messier burgers I’ve eaten but it was totally worth the sticky hands. The chutney was flavourful and the burger cooked to a tender medium. The fries were so addictive that I finished them regardless of feeling full after the burger.

photo 2Nash went for the simpler Better Mac ($14) which was 2 ground patties, lettuce, cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and a special sauce. He ate it in minutes so I assume it was delicious.

We will definitely be back again when we’re in less of a rush to try some of their cocktails and other menu items.

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