The Few Delicious Things at TIME Fest

photo 1TIME Festival took place yesterday and compared to the last few music festivals at Fort York, there was a severe lack of food choices. This led to long lines during meal times but I did manage to eat a few things.

The only literal food truck was Rancho Relaxo’s serving up tacos and Mexican food. I had the fish tacos. The fried fish was nice and crunchy and it wasn’t too heavy.

photo 2Small Town Food Co. ran a food stand with skewers for $6. The first of which I had was a watermelon and pork belly. I loved the sweetness of both the sauce and the watermelon together. Unfortunately, I only got one skewer at the time of my order but my friends ended up receiving two with theirs.

photo 3I returned to try the yakitori chicken and corn dog skewers later. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the corn dog had a lovely banana-like breading.

photo 5Next up was a corn dog with everything on it at Kungfu Dawg. It was messy but totally worth it.

photo 4Also from Kungfu Dawg were these home made ketchup chips. They were sweet, crunchy and very addictive.

photo 7Ice Lyte served up electrolyte freezies. They had a apple-pineapple flavour. The vendors explained that it was a special type of Ethiopian fruit.

photo 6TIME Festival banned water bottles (opened or not) and there was a lack of water-refilling station. Thankfully instead of buying the $4 water, people could also get free iced-tea from Nestea. They were testing out new flavours which included honey ginseng, mango and a half and half lemon tea.

There was only one other stand there that sold food but none of the options seemed intriguing enough. To future food festivals: make sure there are enough food choices for everyone’s needs!

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A Food Tour of the Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2014

photo 1
Last year, I made an effort to highlight the food at Toronto Urban Roots Festival so I thought I’d do it again. The vendors were a bit different from last year’s but again featured mom and pop restaurants. Regrettably, I didn’t take not of the first vendor I went to, and they are not on the list of vendors on TURF’s website. I did get these delicious Kalbi-style ribs with grilled pineapple.

photo 2 I also had this mushroom, spinach and cheese tapioca pancake from somewhere I don’t remember the name of (sorry for the total fail). I enjoyed the filling, but I wasn’t really a fan of the pancake itself. It was a little bit dry and I wasn’t a fan of the texture. I did have a friend with celiac, and she was very appreciative that there was this food option at a music festival though.

photo 3
photo 9
Steel Cut Coffee

Last year, Manual Labour coffee made me the best iced coffee I had ever tasted. However, the duo that originally ran it are off in Australia and sold the truck to Detour. Anyways, my caffeine cravings TURF weekend were satisfied by another mobile coffee truck Steel Cut Coffee. What was more amazing is that they had cookies and DONUTS. I had the Cookies and Cream and Captain Crunch donut and I haven’t stopped thinking about them ever since.

photo 4
Greek On Wheels
All the way from Ottawa, Greek on Wheels was present to provide a variety of greek items including this shwarma. Warning: You might drip tzatziki on nearby audience members.

photo 5
photo 6

Themes of “messy” and “delicious” were on the signage of Bunz. Nash and I shared the beef tacos and pulled pork buns. Both were flavourful and not as messy as we thought. The dough of the “buns” were soft and sweet like the asian ones.

photo 8photo 7
Flying Chestnut Kitchen
By far my favourite discovery of the weekend was Eugenia, ON’s Flying Chestnut Kitchen. They served Indian Tacos which were chili beans, corn, lettuce, sour cream and more on top of fried dough. It’s definitely not what I thought a taco would be, but it was amazing. I washed it down with a sweet and refreshing strawberry lemonade.

photo 10
Two Bite Saloon
I’ve been to the Two Bite Saloon restaurant before but at TURF they offered sliders that I didn’t originally have. My favourite was the spicy bacon wrapped sausage.

Bar Neon

photo 1
Bar Neon is a comfy tapas place on Bloor between Dufferin and Lansdowne. We walked in not knowing what to expect prior to the visit. I ordered a fruity drink (forgot what was in it) and Nash had an Old Fashioned.

photo 2The first item I ordered was the Fried Calamari ($8), which came in a generous portion and was nicely seasoned.

photo 3I also had the Lamb Chop. It was tender and delicious, I just wished there was more of it!

photo 4Nash had a classic burger and feta fries which were very addictive.

Bar Neon’s food was tasty, just keep in mind that it is a tapas restaurant so most of the dishes are small. The atmosphere is very laid-back and easygoing and they also have a big projector playing the World Cup games!

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The Steady Cafe & Bar

photo 1
We were having dinner with a vegan, so we decided to look up a place that served both meat and vegan options. Toronto has a variety of creative options, so I figured that it wouldn’t be a bad idea and we ended up at The Steady. There were a lot of gluten free options, but I wish there was the option to have ALL THE GLUTEN. For instance, the fish tacos ($7) I ordered, came out a weird unappetizing cardboard colour. The shell itself was hard and dry. It was unfortunate because the fish inside it was actually quite good.
photoThankfully, I also ordered the Tequila Pine Burgerette ($7) with tequila glazed pineapple, apple slaw, and spicy mayo. It was tasty but I wished it was more than just a burgerette.

The others at the table tried the Portobello Pot Pie ($7), sweet potato skins and tostadas. The pot pie wasn’t worth the price as it was puny and contained what looked like frozen vegetables. My friends thought the tostadas were much better than my tacos (and were also gluten free). The loaded baked potato skin was less a skin and more of a baked sweet potato with beans.

There are a lot of great restaurants for vegan/vegetarian eats in Toronto but this is one that I don’t think I will be coming back to.

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Fried Shrimp and Friendship @ Farmer’s Daughter

photo 7
Farmer’s Daughter near Junction may be one of my favourite new eats. The seafood restaurant is the “daughter” of Farmhouse Tavern which is located right across the street. I haven’t actually been to the tavern yet, but I’m sure that will change soon! The daughter restaurant is still fairly new and open only for brunch and dinner on certain days.

photo 6The slogan “Fried shrimp and friendship” is plastered on their signage outside and on a neon sign inside. Obviously, we had to try the fried shrimp ($9). I totally felt where their slogan came from. The shrimp was so good I wanted to hog them to myself, but I love Nash enough that I would share. You would only share these shrimp with a good friend.

photo 8The Heart N Soul ($12) was a beautiful beef tartare with salsa verde served on a beef bone with goat cheese, an egg and more.

photo 1The Octopus ($20) had a squid ink vinaigrette, sunchokes, a creamy sauce and more. There was a lovely crunch paired with tender octopus. I loved that the ink wasn’t just for aesthetic but a part of the complex flavours.

photo 5I had an (alcoholic) drink but I forgot what it was. It was a rather tasty cocktail that I believe was apple tinged.

photo 3Since dinner was amazing, we couldn’t resist finding out what the $6 desserts where. There were two that night and we ordered BOTH because YOLO. Anyways, the first was an icecream sandwich made out of ginger cookies and chocolate mousse icecream.

photo 2The second was a homemade lemon rhubarb twinkie with homemade marshmallow. Let’s just say we were very glad to have ordered both desserts.

photo 4
We hope Farmer’s Daughter changes their menu up once in a while (there menu was relatively small) but I can’t wait to come back for brunch and see what else they have to offer.

Farmer’s Daughter Eatery on Urbanspoon