Looking Forward Not Back

By the end of last year, I accomplished many personal goals. I got a new job, I took a trip to the East Coast, bought a new laptop, and finally moved out and got my own place in downtown Toronto.

I’m determined to keep the momentum going and remain optimistic about the future. However, there are always emotion hurdles to face. I’m technically on contract for my job and my parent’s still say things to me like “Don’t buy a couch in case you have to move back home”.


So I bought a couch. Failure is not an option for me. Neither is looking back and moving back home (at least to me) would be seen as moving backwards. I will work my hardest to either have extended employment or create a new opportunities elsewhere. Though well meaning, I will not let less than positive thoughts  affect me. In the wise words of Yoda: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


Vlog Round-up: Cooking Calamari, Octopus and a Surprise Dinner

Last week, it was super cold so I stocked up on a whole bunch of groceries. The only problem was I didn’t buy anything “normal” people buy.

First I cooked calamari

Then Octopus

And lastly, Nash made me a surprise dinner!


Learning to Declutter


I recently moved downtown Toronto into my own bachelor apartment. It’s a tiny but a perfect place. Plus, it’s finally my own  place.However, I’ve had to learn to downsize, in order to keep my place tidy and not clusterphobic. Here’s a few tips when downsizing to a smaller place:

Take only the books you need:
Back home at my parent’s house, I have so many books. Many of them, I’ll probably never read again but I linger on the possibility that I might reference them.

Throw out the packaging:
I’m a sucker of cool packaging and am guilty for keeping it all. Sometimes for this reason, I’ll leave things in their packaging for too long and they don’t get used. Open everything (if not than give it away), so there’s a greater possibility it will be used. Recycle the packaging if possible. This will also prevent you from buying future things with cool boxes.

Find Multiple Uses For Things:
My little sister bought me a miniature Christmas tree that’s been sitting on my windowsill. Instead of throwing it out, or taking up space in my closet, I think I will keep it on the windowsill and call it the “Occasion/Theme Tree” where we will decorate it with different things year round. If you really want to keep cool packaging, make use of it. They can be storage boxes for loose art supplies or a environmentally friendly way to wrap gifts. I also re-used this Christmas chocolate wafer tin to hold my pens.

Have you ever downsized? I’d love to know your tips.

This Year I Want To Blog More

Actually dressed up for a show #selfie #nye

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Happy New Year!

Every year, I seem to have a new opinion on the whole idea of New Years Resolutions. Last year, my new year resolution was to have none. And it was awesome. I wasn’t disappointed for breaking promises to myself. In fact, I had a pretty great year and finally achieved a few milestones that I’ve been struggling to reach for a few years.

I was finally employed (twice) and for the first time ever, moved out of my parent’s house. I travelled and attended my best friend’s wedding in PEI. I took on more collaborative projects and forced myself to leave the house and make new friends. I was truly really busy for the first time. This led to putting a lot of blog posts on the backburner. I have plenty of content in the queue that is my mind, but I just haven’t put the pen to paper (or I guess the fingers to the keyboard). My excuses were plenty. I’m too tired after work. I don’t have time. I could be watching more movies on Netflix. The problem is they were all stupid excuses. The more I pushed writing, the harder it was to get back into it.

That’s why for 2015. I want to blog more. Blog more here. Blog more on Ride the Tempo. I’ve already pushed myself to start over the holidays. As much as I can, I will blog everyday. Whether it is a photo blog , a drawing, or a piece of longform writing, I will hit the blue publish button and send something into the interwebs. It will encourage me to find time for a bit of time everyday to be creative.  Afterall, to improve at something is to do it every day and here on my personal blog, there are no boundaries.

Hi, people of 2015, you will be seeing much more of me.

The Great Instagram Purge of 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 2.50.00 PM
Last week, Instagram went through a giant purge of bots. That meant a great deal of users lost followers in some way. Some lost thousands. I only lost 40, but it still felt like a lot.

I’ve never ever bought followers nor am I a huge user of hashtags, because I know they contribute to a lot of the bot numbers. But I guess they still managed to find me in some way. Instagram’s not like Twitter and there’s not so many tools out there for moderating your contact list (nor do I trust most that exist). I’ve never really used any strange “marketing techniques” to garner any of my current followers (on any social networks). I am a very big advocate on the attitude of “if they want to follow you they will”.

I’m a very big believer of influencer marketing, a topic that is now of heavy debate in Singapore. I think that’s what prompted me to write a post on the matter. This Instagram purge was very necessary for the network to know it’s real users and to reveal who their true influencers are. While Instagram still has yet to be infiltrated with ads, it has a lot of potential to be very valuable to advertisers. Hell, the other day I saw my first “sponsored ad”, one by Ferrero Rocher, my favourite chocolate in the world. How they knew that, I don’t really know. All I know is, Instagram’s ad network will be very targeted.

I’m not freaked out about social media and advertising. I’ve kind of always dove nose-first into it. We make unconscious decisions about everything we purchase and are surrounded by ads and marketing almost everywhere we look. I will just remain being myself everywhere online.

If you’d like to connect with me on Instagram you can find me here: http://instagram.com/tianafeng!