What Do You Do With Your iPad?

This year for Christmas I have been lucky enough to get an iPad from someone dear to my heart. It was a very unexpected present; not something I have ever said I wanted but I love it so much. I’ve found so many wonderful uses for it, and am always discovering more.

This entire post is written using the WordPress iPad app that works with blogs hosted on WordPress.com as well as self-hosted blogs. Typing on it isn’t too bad,unless you need many different punctuation symbols. If this post had a ton of HTML it would be annoying.

Aside from blogging, I currently have over 70 apps and it has only been a day. The majority of them being games. One of my favorite productivity apps is Goodreader which I have used to import PDFs so that it is an easy way to access class notes. I also imported my library of over 500 digital piano sheet music and have been using it as a digital piano book. The iPad sits perfectly on the piano and flipping the pages on an ipad is easier than dealing with real paper pages. Not to mention it saves trees.

What really amazes me is the vast array of apps available. Most of the ones I have so far are free but even the paid ones are not expensive. What amazes me is the potential the iPad has. There are apps out there that emulate soundboards and mixers that cost $20 but allows people to experiment and make music without spending hundreds of dollars. There are drawing programs that are like photoshop. MMORPGs, movie players, Microsoft office. There really is an app for everything. This leaves me a little overwhelmed with deciding what to get. My ADD personality wants everything. What do you do with yours?

The Girl with the Moleskine Notebook

Yesterday I attended the 20th anniversary party for Professional Sound Magazine at the Roosevelt Room in Toronto. It was a great networking opportunity with a variety of different types of people in the music industry. Mainly there was producers, but there were also managers, musicians, songwriters and students and other people looking to network in the industry.

Most people nowadays have smartphones of some sort (iPhone, Blackberry or Androids), but I don’t. Nor do I have a business card, yet. What I do at these events, is carry around my Moleskine day planner. It wasn’t the first time, I have done the same at NXNE conferences. Yesterday, some guys joked around about how I was being old school, but I actually love doing things this way.

There’s something special about opening up a notebook and seeing the various things written in there. I carry around a day planner, but really I hardly plan my day in it. It’s full of lists, doodles, pictures, notes, and contact info. The Moleskine becomes a book of treasures.

Additionally, I think I got remembered as the girl with the Moleskine Notebook. I wasn’t going to be a business card or just another number in a phone that was going to be forgotten about the next day. Even getting someone to actually write down their contact info develops a more personal relationship. You have to have talked them up enough to be comfortable to ask or for them to be comfortable to give it to you. At times, what they write can be even more personal or direct way of contacting them compared to what may be found on a regular business card.

Long gone is the day where people write their numbers down in a phone book, but there’s something wonderful about getting people to write in your book. Sometimes they leave a personal note, or a picture, or maybe one day a person may become famous, and you would have their autograph. This girl with a Molestine notebook, won’t be getting rid of hers anytime soon.

My Many Passions

by teepoo
Welcome to my personal blog. If you don’t know me I’m also the main writer of Ride the Tempo, a music blog that is doing pretty swell. Today I was reminiscing a little about the old blog that got wiped by google in the Google Music Blog Genocide of 2010 back in February of this year. It was an unfocused little thing that talked about everything from life to food and of course mostly music. I love Ride the Tempo, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I crave to write other things on the side. This is the reason that this little blog was started.

I’ll start with a short synopsis on me. In real life, I’m a student currently attending the Metalworks Institute of Sound and Production for Entertainment Business Management, a step closer to my dream of working in the Entertainment Industry. I went in mostly wanting to work on the music side of things, but now I’m more open to other possibilities. The reasons why will probably be another post in itself so I’ll get back to that later.

For marketing class, we were required to choose a non-entertainment company and present research on their products as well as how they market. I chose Moleskine (pronounced Mol-ah-skeen-ah), the company that makes those sleek black notebooks. The decision was based solely on the fact that I own a ton of these products. I have an obsession with notebooks and I never really thought about why until today. I have a pretty ADD personality. I wish I could handle doing all the things I want to do, but life doesn’t have so much time. Time (and my compulsive shopping behaviour) is the reason I have many notebooks that don’t have a single marking (or very few) in them. I purchase individual ones in hopes one will become a diary, another a story, a book of songs, a cookbook and then none of these things end up happening.

I haven’t thought about it until now, but I am a pretty unfocused person. I want to do everything. I want to work behind the scenes in the music (or entertainment) industry, but I’m also a musician that wants to write. I love art, and miss it so much I have a little doodle blog called mylifeindrawings. Those are just scribbles though, I can create things that would blow your mind, if I had the time. I used to be an amateur photographer. I used to write stories and poems that have won money and prizes. I love to read. I really really want to learn how to cook gourmet food.

Thus, I create this blog in hopes that I can share with you my other passions in one place. I hope also to grow as a blogger in terms of finding the right voice and writing style and have that come through on the music blog. Let the adventure begin.