What Do You Do With Your iPad?

This year for Christmas I have been lucky enough to get an iPad from someone dear to my heart. It was a very unexpected present; not something I have ever said I wanted but I love it so much. I’ve found so many wonderful uses for it, and am always discovering more.

This entire post is written using the WordPress iPad app that works with blogs hosted on WordPress.com as well as self-hosted blogs. Typing on it isn’t too bad,unless you need many different punctuation symbols. If this post had a ton of HTML it would be annoying.

Aside from blogging, I currently have over 70 apps and it has only been a day. The majority of them being games. One of my favorite productivity apps is Goodreader which I have used to import PDFs so that it is an easy way to access class notes. I also imported my library of over 500 digital piano sheet music and have been using it as a digital piano book. The iPad sits perfectly on the piano and flipping the pages on an ipad is easier than dealing with real paper pages. Not to mention it saves trees.

What really amazes me is the vast array of apps available. Most of the ones I have so far are free but even the paid ones are not expensive. What amazes me is the potential the iPad has. There are apps out there that emulate soundboards and mixers that cost $20 but allows people to experiment and make music without spending hundreds of dollars. There are drawing programs that are like photoshop. MMORPGs, movie players, Microsoft office. There really is an app for everything. This leaves me a little overwhelmed with deciding what to get. My ADD personality wants everything. What do you do with yours?

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