Advertising Asparagus

Here’s another post on a random Business Ethics assignment. It was about creating advertisements that tell the truth. In class our definition of advertising is

“placing a message in a medium to influence an idea, product or service”

We’re blasted with ads everywhere we go day to day on billboards, TV, radio but almost all of them have some sort of exaggerated truth. Often the ads we remember the most are those with some kind of emotional appeal. As an assignment this week we were sent home with the task of making kids eat asparagus, without lying. The healthy side-effects of asparagus however aren’t very appealing (except maybe that it makes your pee smell). Otherwise, the normal kid don’t really care about heart disease, PMS symptoms or being fertile. I decided to avoid the use of any facts in general and came up with this:

I made a flash game where kids create their own “Asparagus Dinner”. No matter what you do, the asparagus will always be on the top. It’s full of smiling food and except for the little bit about a healthy heart, avoids any other facts to avoid lying.

How would you advertise asparagus to kids?