WTF Is A Social Media Expert?

The answer to the question above is, there is no such thing. I always get the random people on Twitter who add me claiming to be social media experts but when you click on their profiles they have less followers than me and just look like spam. Then there is the random person in your life that claims to be one just because they know how to connect to Facebook and Twitter.

Really, there is no such thing as a “Social Media Expert”. The trends on what networks we will use change so fast. Remember the Chatroulette fad last summer? That faded fast. The truth is Social Media works differently for everybody. What you should be focused on is how to optimize its use for yourself rather than claiming to be an “expert” at something. I feel like having to claim to be a Social Media Expert is like those guys who have to post photos of their abs on Facebook to feel good about themselves.

Everybody uses Facebook and Twitter for different reasons. Sure, some have annoying personal accounts, but thats what they are using it for. They probably aren’t looking to sell you anything. If you don’t like it, then don’t friend/follow them. Their use doesn’t make them less knowledgeable about social media. Those type of people have their own crowd too, just won’t be as big.

I always jump on the latest fads, whether it be Empire Avenue or GetGlue because I’m curious on its potential. This doesn’t make me any more of an expert than someone who’s never heard of these things. I’m just more enthusiastic to learn about them. On Twitter, I may have 900 followers but that took me two years to build up a following that is interested in hearing what I have to say. Social Media is something you build up over time, not over night, unless of course you are Charlie Sheen. I’m just a regular random girl. Remember starting off, numbers shouldn’t matter, it’s whose actually reading and replying to you that does.

Anyways, do your thing. Decide what you’re doing on social media and build a web presence. That’s really what its for isn’t it? Decide what you are selling, whether it be your life or what you do for a living but social media molds to your own needs. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. There’s no such thing as a Social Media Expert.

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