You Are Never To Old For An Imagination

I’m the last person in the world to probably act my age. If you meet me I’m both the most hard-working and motivated person you’ll ever meet, but at the same time the most strange and silly if you get close enough. I’ll also probably look like I’m 15 til I’m 40.

What triggered this fascination for imagination was the cartoon Adventure Time, which I didn’t know was more than just a viral pilot episode. The cartoon has some of the most ridiculously adorable and imaginative characters and plots. I showed an episode to some of my friends, but they were not into it. They thought it too random, but isn’t that the point?

In a fast-paced technology world we live in today, I sometimes like to wonder if old-school imagination still exists. I’m an odd one who doodles and writes stories and things on my spare time, but where do other people have an outlet for imagination?

My Best Friends Are Weirdos

Whether it is because we’re all a bit socially awkward together or because we can spontaneously start an interpretive dance party (as seen above), my best friends are always people that I wouldn’t classify as normal. I love people that are passionate about the most random things, whether it’s fish or Roman History or beating all the levels in Golden Eye. I love that they don’t let anybody else dictate what they should be or what they should like. It’s these weirdos I feel most comfortable around because I know they won’t judge me for being a weirdo also. Hey, I’m practically a boy stuck in a cute asian girl body, loves video games, Spike TV, food and watch my fair share of Jays games. I spent way too much time listening to music. I also am a little bit addicted (at least that’s all I’ll admit), to social networking and blogging. Hell, I’m blogging to you guys on a Saturday night.

Skittles Addiction: A Review of the Other Flavours

This post is in no way endorsed by Skittles. I wish it was, and I could have an unlimited supply of them.

I don’t exactly remember if it was out of boredom or if it was all the fault of @vseanv but I have been reunited with my favourite hard candies, and rather addicted. The school vending machine had the Sour, Blenders and Crazy Core Skittles so I had all of these this week. Today I had a giant pack of the original. I love the predictable flavours of cherry, orange and grape. Lemon and lime I’m not really a fan of, so I gave them away.

As I learned this week, everyone has different tastes and different preferences for flavours, but I’m going to review some of the other packs.

Could You Give Up the Internet for $50 million?

Yesterday @ErikSchenn, @vseanv and @DonVandenheuve1 approached me with the question:

“How much money would it take you to give up the internet forever?”

I answered almost instantly, I couldn’t do it, not for all the money in the world. The internet has become something so ingrained in my life that it feels more than just a mere comparison to a cigarette addiction.

It is pretty amazing to think that if you asked me the question 10 years ago, I might have considered it. With the rapid growing technology of the world around us, you just can’t escape the internet, unless you buy yourself a huge mansion in the forest and cut yourself off from the rest of the world. But then, how would I discover new music? Communicate with people? Sure there are phones, but (aside from the fact I’m in a forest), I actually have friends that won’t answer their phones/texts but will reply almost instantly to a Facebook message or Twitter direct message.

Giving up just the social networks is hard let alone the internet itself. I’ve become attached to my twitter and made some great friends. Some of whom hundreds of miles away but have supported me and helped me obtain opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise such as concert tickets and press passes. Sure with a billion dollars I could visit these people, but then how would I contact them? Even with all this money to travel the world, what would happen after I’ve been everywhere?

Be Your Own Fashion

Yesterday I was raiding my closet and I found a bag of clothes that I had put away. They were shut away not because I didn’t like them or that they looked bad. It was because my ex hated frilly things and would always make fun of me if I wore anything slightly non-fitted or too “cute” or out-of-the-box. Basically, if I wasn’t some cookie cutter hot girl then he hated it and I dressed different around him than I did anybody else.

Now with my new found freedom, I was left there thinking. What is my fashion? My answer, my own.

I’m not the type of girl who buys things for the brand. I love it when someone asks me where I got something, and sometimes my answer is literally “I have no idea” or “I don’t remember”. It’s wonderful having something that nobody else does. I don’t go through sales racks and buy things for the sole reason that they are on sale. Most of my buys have been emotional compulsive buys of things I’ve fallen in love with on first sight. I have a habit of buying pieces rather than full outfits. I adore things that are unique.

What is your fashion? I am anything but one thing. Not exactly normal either. I have constantly changing hair colour, which is currently blonde. I have blue, turquoise, purple contacts which I wear in rotation. Sometimes I wear socks that don’t match, heels that are much too high. I have t-shirts with pictures of food on them, dresses that are a little strange and recycled pieces I made from projects on Cut Out and Keep. One day I’ll be a complete dork, the next make boys heads turn. My wardrobe pretty much reflects my ADD all-over-the-place personality.

I love looking at people and trying to guess what they’re like from their clothes. It’s even more fascinating when you actually talk to them and are blown away by the fact you were completely wrong. They weren’t the cookie-cutter person their clothes made them out to be. They weren’t the person their clothes defined them out to be. They weren’t the goth, ghetto or as superficial as the appeared. This goes both ways, girls and guys.

I have a little sister who’s probably everything that I’m not. I never understood the falling in love with a brand or a certain style. Buying the Ed Hardy T-shirt everyone else has? Wearing the same dress as a celebrity? Dressing up as a skater, punk, hipster? Be your own trend. It doesn’t mean you can’t be one of those some days, just don’t stick a label on yourself. I’m sure you are much more interesting. Try owning something that you haven’t had before but was too afraid to try on because you thought someone wouldn’t like it. Just make sure it fits right, that’s the only rule. I guarantee you will get compliments, get noticed. Why blend into the background? Be your own fashion.

Kicking the Notebook Buying Addiction

Hi, my name is Tiana and I have a notebook addiction.

I was at the bookstore the other day with my sister because she needed to buy a notebook. She was there to buy one for a real reason, so she can keep record of some of her personal info and passwords. I stood in the notebook section itching to buy something. As I stood there, I realized why I’m so fascinated with buying notebooks. I’m consumed with trying to catalog the various aspects of my life. In the fast pace world we live in today, I always feel like I should write down my thoughts so that maybe I could come back to them later. It never happens though, so often I’m left with tons of empty notebooks. Sometimes I’ll begrudgingly use them for school, knowing that I’ll only buy more.

My ADD personality has made me buy almost all of the “Passions” lines of Moleskines, each one covering a different topic: food, books, music. I have ones for doodles, poems, stories. The majority of which are completely empty. When I walk into the bookstore, I’m so tempted the ones to grab the topics such as the ones that you can write about your dreams and anger in; or something to hold ticket stubs. I have to admit, the store is a bit evil for placing everything so in-your-face and noticeable. That’s how they make money right?

Reluctantly, the other day, I came out not buying a new notebook. I decided that if I really have the need to categorize my thoughts, than I can just blog about them here. It’s quick and easy and free, and someone’s actually reading it. So dear readers, of which there is probably like 5 of you, the near future will have articles of every topic. There also may a variety of randoms such as recipes, reviews, stories, poems and other personal projects. For once, I’ll actually start to write things down, just digitally.