My Best Friends Are Weirdos

Whether it is because we’re all a bit socially awkward together or because we can spontaneously start an interpretive dance party (as seen above), my best friends are always people that I wouldn’t classify as normal. I love people that are passionate about the most random things, whether it’s fish or Roman History or beating all the levels in Golden Eye. I love that they don’t let anybody else dictate what they should be or what they should like. It’s these weirdos I feel most comfortable around because I know they won’t judge me for being a weirdo also. Hey, I’m practically a boy stuck in a cute asian girl body, loves video games, Spike TV, food and watch my fair share of Jays games. I spent way too much time listening to music. I also am a little bit addicted (at least that’s all I’ll admit), to social networking and blogging. Hell, I’m blogging to you guys on a Saturday night.

I’m a pretty social and socially awkward person at the same time. I can talk to anybody but I don’t know if I can hang out with people as friends for a prolonged period of time before they find out I’m a super-nerd, slightly childish or I learn that they’re superficial and not much to them. It’s sort of the reason why I have more guy friends than girl friends because I find they care less of what people think of them. I’m a girl who loves to buy clothes and make up too but I can’t hangout with someone who’s just all about that and getting drunk/hooking up with boys. Hell, sometimes when I’m buying things I compare the price to electronics. “Damn, this dress can buy half an iPad” is a thought that actually comes through my head.

I love people I can chill with, watch silly shows like 1000 Ways to Die, play video games and eat copious amounts of food. I love the spontaneous. Whether it’s building a giant hopscotch board in the middle of the hall for no reason, putting a swimming pool in the living room. I love adventure and people who aren’t afraid to try new things. Hi, I’m Tiana, and I love weirdos.

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