You Are Never To Old For An Imagination

I’m the last person in the world to probably act my age. If you meet me I’m both the most hard-working and motivated person you’ll ever meet, but at the same time the most strange and silly if you get close enough. I’ll also probably look like I’m 15 til I’m 40.

What triggered this fascination for imagination was the cartoon Adventure Time, which I didn’t know was more than just a viral pilot episode. The cartoon has some of the most ridiculously adorable and imaginative characters and plots. I showed an episode to some of my friends, but they were not into it. They thought it too random, but isn’t that the point?

In a fast-paced technology world we live in today, I sometimes like to wonder if old-school imagination still exists. I’m an odd one who doodles and writes stories and things on my spare time, but where do other people have an outlet for imagination?

I sometimes feel like this lack of imagination is what creates some of the mediocre things we have today such as reality television, movie remakes, mediocre pop music that is pretty predictable in form. I miss the risk takers, and those that seek adventure. It scares me to think that there are children with iPads and cellphones. Whatever happened to the days where you could pretend a cardboard box was a spaceship for hours? I feel like cats do a better job of this nowadays.

Adventure Time stimulated a fascination for what the brain can come up with. What have you imagined lately? I will leave you this question as I imagine myself eating a fantastic sky-tall hamburger.

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