Meet Teddy, New Puppy and Baby Brother

Three weeks ago, our family spontaneously decided to get a puppy. We fell in love with a group of bichipoo puppies we found on Kijiji and set out to choose one. Now we have a 13 week old puppy we named Teddy. He is 3/4 Bichon Frise and 1/4 poodle.
So far raising Teddy has been quite the adventure. He’s like me and my sister’s little brother we never had. When we bought him he wasn’t potty trained, but he has improved. He’s a playful and intelligent dog who I swear can fit into the tiniest cracks ever. We spoil him a little bit, he has tons of treats and holistic dog food (no corn and animal bi-products). I’ll keep you updated as Teddy grows up. Oh yeah and for some reason he has a Twitter.

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