Tumblr is Not Twitter

I’ve been noticing a growing amount of my friends with “blogs” or what they say are blogs but in reality are just re-posts of photographs, or quotes. This reminds me a great deal of Twitter retweets. It might be Tumblr’s intention to act as Twitter’s visual competition but I preferred it more as a quick and simple blogging platform. I mean, why would I follow a blog that just reblogs others when I can follow the ones that create original content? Maybe people prefer the visual aspect of Tumblr, but now there is also Google + which introduces the same idea of a visual Twitter.. but even on twitter I don’t follow people that just retweet. Be original!

I am a user of Tumblr, but because I love the simplicity of it for my comic blog. I love when my stuff gets reblogged. I follow a fair amount of original twitters such as Accidental Penis and FOR MOTHER VOLCANO BAKEMEAT which are awesome and original ideas for blogs. I guess this is a semi-rant to those with blogs that only reblog. Why would I follow you? You might be awesome at collecting neat stuff (photos, quotes, videos, jokes), but so am I.

Do you follow blogs that reblog? Why?

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