Food Truck Eats: Mississauga Edition Review

Ever since I’ve seen Food Network’s Eat Street, I have been waiting for gourmet food trucks to grace the streets of the GTA. I wanted something more than just the mere hotdog stand (not that those aren’t delicious too).

This year, Toronto started the Food Truck Eats events in the Distillery District. I had missed it in Toronto, but was lucky enough to hear that Mississauga was taking part on this event. They didn’t have quite the amount of trucks, but it was a blast!
I made an effort to try something from every food truck. I split everything with my boyfriend, and went to all the trucks starting with the savoury trucks from left to right. Then came back for the desert ones at the end. Everything was a bit pricey, ended up dropping atleast $50, but delicious novelty has a price.
Wood Fired Pizza


Our first stop was Wood Fired Pizza where they literally had a wood fire oven in their truck. There were two choices of pizzas, either meat and potato or a Vegetarian. Of course I took the meat option. We bought the whole pizza for $12 (a slice was $4). The pizza was a pretty simple pizza with meat, potatos and peppers but delivered happiness to our stomachs. It was best eaten right out of the oven, so we had a couple slices and saved the rest for later so we wouldn’t be full at the first stop.

Gorilla Cheese

Next stop was Gorilla Cheese, a truck of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. For $5, I bought what was called the “Lumberjack” which consisted of cheese, maple bacon, apple. As simple as it sounds, it was one of my favourite things of the day. It had the perfect amount of crunch. I love my grilled cheeses crunchy. My only complaint would be that the portion size for kind of small for the price, you only had one triangle piece of sandwich.

El Gastronomo Vegabundo

This truck really sparked my curiosity so I ordered everything on the menu including the spiced tea. There were instructions on the truck that said they wouldn’t change any of ingredients because they are supposed to work well as a whole. I thought this was intriguing. My first item was the tempura cod taco. It had a very interesting taste, and the Bajan hot sauce gave quite the kick. I was a little bit dumb, and decided it was a good idea to wash it with the spiced tea, which left mouth burning a little bit. The taco was a very interesting bite that was for sure. The other item on the menu was a Chicken Bahn Mi. I have had a ton of Bahn Mi before, but never with fried chicken. This was quite a delicious and interesting take! The touch of Hoisin sauce was a pretty ingenious addition to the sandwich.
There was a huge line at the Blue Donkey and Caplansky’s but at the time this one seemed shorter so we came here first. It ended up being one of the longest waits because they had to make another batch of brisket. I ordered both the BBQ Brisket Slider and the Smoked Meat Slider which were both a pricey $4 each. I waited about 15 minutes or so for them to cook up another batch of brisket for my slider. Both were a bit messy to eat but they were both devoured within seconds of getting them. What I regret not getting when I got in line was the Bacon donuts! I didn’t know the menu that was separately painted on the truck was actually a legit thing.
The Blue Donkey
This was the last stop on our savoury food journey, but it also happened to be the stop that sold the biggest portion. That’s probably why the line was so long. All the people from surrounding businesses needed something that would fill up their stomachs, instead of having to order multiple things from multiple trucks. I had the pork souvlaki, completely with fries as toppings! We had to bring it home with us though because we were pretty stuffed!

Cupcake Diner

If anybody knows me, they know I’d splurge on cupcakes. My boyfriend was awesome enough to buy 6! We chose Caramel Apple Pie, Chocolate Coconut, Skor, Caramel Chew, Vanilla & Sprinkles, and Pumpkin Spice. It was pretty adorable that the girl in the truck was the girl who’s face was painted on the truck. She was the brand! We ate some of the cupcakes on the spot, but they provided for delicious desert for later!

Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton’s Cookies

Last stop of the day was the cookie truck! We ordered All 6 cookies which were a different variations of different kind of chocolate chip cookies. They were soft and chewey and delicious. Luckily, their dough is coming to a Sobeys soon, so their delicious cookies can be made right at home! I’m excited, I’ll keep you up to date on those for sure.


3 thoughts on “Food Truck Eats: Mississauga Edition Review

  1. They had some of the same places last night at nuit blanche! Cupcakes, Felix and Norton (you can actually buy them in eaton centre..been getting them for YEARS :D), gorilla cheese, pizza, blue donkey etc. To be honest-i wasn’t that impressed with the cupcakes haha. The icing was too sweet for me and they were good, but probably wouldn’t buy it again

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