Don’t Let a Blog Tell You What to Think

It’s obvious that everything said on the internet has to be read with a grain of salt. Whether it be what music marketing method works for you or what cure WebMD has for your current illness.

Lately I’ve watched my friends obsess over the growing phenomenon that is Thought Catalog. On my first time hearing the name of the site, my first instinct was that it was a place that provoked thoughts in a good way. However, upon actually browsing the site I realized that it feeds the same dribble that teen magazines are made up of. The majority of it is articles on relationships and how not to feel sorry for yourself that you are single. Maybe I can’t relate because I am in a happy relationship, but the worst part of all this is my single friends follow it like it’s their religion.

To me, it’s worse than the Twilight series that brainwashes billions into thinking they can be the girl in the books. At least that girl is trying to make something of herself and there is a hot guy at the other end (though imaginary).Thought Catalog is an evil site that reassures the desperate single person that their life is okay. Since when is it okay to be the Other Woman? Or complain about other’s relationships? Honestly, if you need a blog to make you feel better about yourself, you really need to re-evaluate your life. Maybe it’s you who is the problem all along in relationships, but you’ll fail to see that with entries that are constantly telling you that whatever you are doing is okay. I’ll be the kick in the bum and tell you that it might not be.

Seriously, maybe there is something about you that is turning people off. Is it your personality that is deflecting all the people worthwhile? Perhaps needing to read things like Thought Catalog makes you sound a bit desperate? It may seem to be a nice place to connect with people with similar problems but go outside or something. You don’t need a blog to tell you Things to Do When You’re Sad. Go out. Meet people. Do some things you haven’t before.

But hey you don’t have to listen to me. After all, this is a blog too and I’m only a blogger.


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