12 Life Lessons I Learned From My Puppy

Puppies are such peculiar animals and I never realized they truly do change the quality of lifeMy parents seem like much more relaxed since we got him and he is totally a mini bundle of joy to us. We got him at 4 weeks old, and damn he’s smart and crafty. I took note of some observations of things he’s learned, and I could really learn from him too. Here are 10 Life Lessons I learned from my puppy:

1. Always have time to run around and play.
Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to relax. However I realize that sometimes after a break or some fresh air that I am much more productive.
2. Learn Through Observation
Most dogs would probably jump over the gate in our kitchen, but not Teddy, he learned to open it. How? He watched me do it a ton of times. Is there something in life stumping you? Maybe sometimes it’s much more efficient to ask for help and have someone show you. There’s always something you can learn from observing others.
3. When Someone is Down, Comfort Them
It’s amazing how much dogs can read your emotions. They’ll always run to cuddle you when you are feeling down and have a face that seems to be listening when you’re talking to them. We can all learn how to care about our loved ones from a dog.
4. Solve Your Problems Without Barking/Biting/Making Noise
As I said above he learned how to open the kitchen gate door himself. He’s never barked at it to get out or anything. He also does this thing at dinner where he stares at you for a long time until you feel the urge to give him some food. No whining, just quietly sitting there. Staring. We can’t solve all our problems by staring adorably at them, but this can be translated into real life where we should try to solve our problems and conflicts without violence and anger. Talk through them with people, figure out solutions, be patient.
5. If What You Want Lies Buried, Dig Until You Find Them
Teddy does this all the time. If he wants a specific toy, he will search everywhere until he finds it. He’s not a puppy who forgets about something that isn’t in sight. We all have goals that we sometimes lose sight of, but never give up.
6. Friends Come In All Shapes and Sizes
I’m amaze sometimes at how easily Teddy greets and comforts people and animals of all sizes. He’ll wag at strangers on walks and their dogs even if they are 5 times bigger than him. He’s never been afraid or barked angrily at anyone. He’s not a judgemental puppy in anyway and I think that’s something we can all learn.
7. Food Time Is Happy Time
Well I already live by this, but my puppy totally does too. I don’t believe in being a picky eater, and neither does Teddy.
8. Don’t Hold Grudges, Learn To Forgive
Teddy hates when you give him a bath, and probably the countless times he’s told no, or been scolded at for doing something, but every morning he’ll sit there happily waiting for me to come down the stairs. For now on, I’m going to not let small things bug me so much and to learn to let go.
9. When You’re Happy, Let Your Body Show It
I love how Teddy wags his tail as a sign of happiness. From him, we can learn to spread some positive energy. Smile once in a while, or maybe even get up and dance.
10. Let Others Know When You’re Uncomfortable
Teddy will bark if you steal his toys or get annoyed at you if you’re disturbing his sleep. He’ll also let you know when he needs to go outside. Again being passive aggressive is pointless, try to solve problems directly.
11. Know Who’s Important In Your Life
Nobody does this more than a dog who wags their tail when you come home, or listens and get’s excited when you’re awake. Like a puppy, take time to let people in your life know you care about them. You don’t have to go lick their face but even a lovely conversation and a smile will do.
12. Always Be Curious
Teddy’s always sticking his nose into something. Exploring things tasting things. Something that is easily translatable into our own lives. Try something new, even if it’s like a new cuisine or something, it keeps life exciting.

Do you have a pet? What lessons have you learned from it? Maybe I’ll write one that is of Lessons I Learned From My Turtles. Would that be weird?

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