Do You Put the Tea Bag In Before or After?

When you are making tea, do you put the tea bag in before or after you pour the hot water? Just a curious question. Maybe you do it differently every time, that’s plausible too. I’m a tiny bit OCD so I have always put the tea bag in before.

I think I do this because I like a strong tasting tea and putting it allows the water to hit the bag and for the tea to saturate water more. Whereas if I put it in after I would have to move the bag up and down in the water or poke at it with a spoon to get the same effect.

A thing you may or may not know about me is I have a weird interest in cognitive science and how minds work. So naturally, I did some random research on the topic and summarized all the similar findings. Here is what your tea making techniques might say about your personality:

Tea Bag Before Hot Water
You’re probably a highly organized person who does things efficiently. In school you were probably the nerdy smart kid. In life you are very immersed in what you do and are very passionate about it.

Tea Bag After the Water
You are a very artistic person. You have a high attention to detail and are probably a little bit of a perfectionist but have the patience to follow through with things.

Both/It Doesn’t Matter
You’re probably a more care free and a bit of an indecisive person or a person that doesn’t really drink tea very often. You are a more passive person who let’s life or other people decide things for you.

There were various other traits, but these were the ones that seemed to match on different studies. Does how you make your tea describe you properly? If not, let me know how you make your tea and why you do it the way you do!

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