Blogging to Fill the Void

Yesterday I read a really interesting article on Behyped on why you should start a blog while unemployed. I recently entered this mysterious realm myself. And it’s scary.

I’ve been in school for what seemed like forever (elementary, highschool, University, and the Entertainment program at Metalworks). Being finally out is sort of frightening as I try to figure out how to find employment in an exciting yet highly competitive industry. I however find myself more and more addicted to blogging as a strange way to cope with doing nothing.

I’ve always had my Music blog whether or not I have a job as it is like my child. It has led to many great things and the meeting of many great people so having a blog on subjects you are passionate about is a great thing to do whether or not you have employment. Aside from the music blog, I find myself setting a ton of goals to achieve, places to visit and jotting down thoughts to discuss on this blog. Blogging is a great way to think through a subject and maybe set some goals in stone as I have in the Wreck this Journal project. I even made a Tumblr so people could easily follow it.
In the unemployed world, updating each blog (as you know I have multiple) becomes a job in itself and so does following up on the fans and e-mails. And now since I’m out of school, I’m using it as a way to not lose my literacy skills since I no longer have to write 10 page essays.

I thank all you readers for actually visiting and putting up with my sometimes nonsensical topics. I hope to keep you entertained and thought provoked for the thousand posts that follow.

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