Pig Rockets For iPad Review

Here’s another review of a game I have beaten (so I can finally free up some space on my 16GB iPad). I originally downloaded this game via one of those daily “free app” apps. Currently Pig Rockets is $1.99 in the App store. It works on all iOS devices.

The game is kind of a mixture between Tetris and a Tower Defense game. The objective of the game is to use blocks (which are in the form of Tetris pieces) to prevent pigs from hitting your house/property. Whenever a pig hits a brick, it disappears and turns into bacon which you can use to save up for helpful power-ups in the store. You unlock new levels by lasting a certain amount of waves on the previous one.

During a game, you can rotate the pieces while they are still in the box and putting blocks of the same colour together result in them turning into metal pieces which don’t get destroyed in one hit. Powerups also show up at the bottom, and upgrading them in the store increases the chances of them showing up. There are different types of powerups: hammer, instant fortify, icebomb, pig nuke and wildcard. More than one can be used at the same time. As the level increases, the pigs get faster and there are stronger ones which often destroy more than one brick at a time. Your owned land increases in size also requiring you to protect more land.

There are 8 levels of difficulty in all and there is awards for reaching certain amount of waves in each. Initially the game is addictive enough for me to want to unlock all the levels, but I don’t care enough to reach the certain waves in all the levels. Nor did I bother to max out all power-ups. I find the game doesn’t encourage you so much to keep playing after the 8 levels have been unlocked. It is addictive at first, but has very little replay value. If you see it for free again its definitely a nice grab, but for $1.99 I don’t think I would buy it, since there are better games for $0.99.

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