Wreck This Journal #4

Here’s another update on my Wreck This Journal journey. I realize I actually have quite a ways to go in order to finish this entire thing by the end of the year, so you might see much bigger posts to come.

The connect the dots one above I actually forgot to post last time. I attempted to connect the dots multiple times. I think I did OK!

Then I thought it would be appropriate to do this one while there are still leaves on the ground. These are from my won backyard:

Colouring outside of the lines! This is just sort of done completely randomly:

Finally, I braved enough to take it to the shower with me. First I scribbled wildly on it with water colour pencil crayons in hope that it might create something cool.

I put it on one of the ledges in the shower and proceeded to wash my head. The next day, I looked at it, the pencil crayon lines are much less definable.

Also, the bottom half of my book is now completely drenched, and any of the pages I had used marker on are smudge of colours. I’m beginning to actually wreck the journal, and it’s sort of fun and rather stress relieving. Definitely breaking out of my comfort zone.

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