Eat Happy

I love food and it’s a big part of my social life. I literally have made friends at school because we shared meals together or conversed with them about foods. I love burgers, bacon, poutine, cupcakes, anything healthy/unhealthy that is delicious.

I’m one of those people that most girls probably hate because I never seem to get overweight. I don’t really have a clue why, maybe it’s genetic, or maybe stop when I get full (but sometimes I can eat much more than the average person). I don’t plan on changing my eating habits any time soon, even if I were to gain a few pounds. Eating what I crave seems to be a whole world of happiness.

There’s studies that state the effects of eating unhealthy and how it can lower your life span. I don’t think I could give up bacon just to live another 5 years longer. It’s not that I only eat unhealthy things, healthy things can be made delicious too, but I love leaving my options open. I never believed in dieting as a weight control anyway, it’s all about staying active. You’re not doing yourself any favors if all you’re going to eat for a meal is a piece of celery (and you’re killing your body’s ability to metabolize). If you have the self-control to diet, you might as well use that in becoming physically active instead. Life is finding things that make a person happy, and I don’t believe food should be any different. We all have to eat, so might as well enjoy it while you’re doing it.

On an unrelated note, hope to have some delicious recipes up here soon!

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