Stealing Internet Is Customary

If 10 years ago, you asked me if you could use my internet I would probably cringe a bit since: 1) It would take up my bandwith, 2) It would take up my phone line. Also, if someone were to ask back then, I would have probably assumed that they didn’t have internet at home.

Before the inventions of smartphones, unless you were having a LAN party, you probably wouldn’t have brought your laptop over to someone’s house to use their WIFI. Now, stealing internet is customary.

The Best Thing About Christmas is Boxing Day

One of my favourite things about the holidays has always been Boxing Day. I had always told what my parents what I wanted for Christmas beforehand. It was usually some technology related item. Me and my dad had past yearly traditions where we stood inline at Futureshop on the 26th at 5am in order to get the best prices on the things we wanted. However, this year things were different.

I Had No Idea How To Cook A Turkey.. But It Happened

I have no idea how to cook a turkey. Somehow, I was in charge of the task of cooking it this Christmas. My mother was too lazy, but we had a 15lb bird sitting in the basement freezer. It had to be roasted by someone.

Naturally, I turned to Google. What else do people do nowadays? when they approach an unknown task. We Google what we cannot Wiki.

I Need a Holiday from the Holidays

The winter holidays is a joyous occasion to gather with family, exchange gifts and eat a ton of delicious foods.It’s the time when regular people finally have time off from their jobs and get to relax. For unemployed me, It isn’t really a holiday and I find myself needing a holiday from the holidays.

Perhaps it’s the fact I’m unemployed and my family has a sudden need to bestow upon me the honor of staying at home to watch after the recently neutered dog, cook the turkey (of which I have no prior knowledge how to by the way) and various other tasks around holiday planning.

I rarely have a social life outside of family time and my friend’s (and boyfriend’s) hectic last minute holiday work schedules. The holidays are far from normal. Oh well, I’ll put up with the holidays since I got an iPhone and hopefully a $1000 camera out of it.

As for the turkey.. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. Hopefully I don’t poison people.

Move Aside Internet Cats

Cats have taken over the internet for too long. It’s time for dogs to take over. Let’s start with my bichon puppy Teddy. He just got neutered so there’s a cone stuck on his head for a bit. He’s his normal active self after a day and here’s a video of Teddy attempting to play with ball with a cone on his head.

Awesome Note for the iPad

If you’re a notebook addict like me, you might be interested in some of the options available for the iPad. My favourite is Awesome Note by Bridsworks. It goes for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store, but it’s worth every penny.

There are a bunch of free options for notebooks available in the app store but the functions on this one aren’t really comparable. I love the colourful folders and themes available for each page. They are also constantly updating it with more features. There are different types of notes where you can add photos, text, send to friends, add links. There is a calendar where you can keep track of when you wrote what, or did what. And if you don’t want someone to read something, you can add a password-locked diary. It’s a fully functioning notebook that can probably replace all the notebooks a notebook addict has at home.

However, I still prefer to touch actual books.

We’ve Come A Long Way From Geocities

Yesterday I was on my Smartphone writing a blog post on my phone and I thought to myself, Man, we’ve come a long way from Geocities Page Builder.

Dude, I remember the existence of Netscape and Dial-Up internet. Now I have the EXTREME ULTIMATE whatever internet package from Rogers. Maximum speed, maximum bandwidth. Oh, and now, a smartphone and an iPad. What more can a girl addicted to the internet ask for?

Finally Trashing the Unsmart Phone

I am probably the last one in the world to get a Smartphone. I’ve already had like 5 different cell phones, 4/5 were Sony Ericsson. Also, I could install a Gameboy Colour emulator on them. How cool was that?

Cleopatra’s Pyramid Review

I have a ton of apps like App Shopper that notify me when there’s new free apps available. One of the one’s I got through this was Cleopatra’s Pyramid. The game, though free, actually does eventually come at a price, but you don’t realize this until you have played through some levels.

Galito’s Flame Grilled Chicken Review

If you’re ever looking for a twist on your regular Swiss Chalet type meal, Galito’s Flame Grilled Chicken will kick up the heat and the flavour of your chicken.

Located at 731 Central Parkway West in Mississauga (there is also a location in Vaughan), the place is a bit out of the way unless you are purposely going there. I have never really seen the place full of people, but maybe it’s because you have to be a little bit open and adventurous to go there. It’s also a take out place, so maybe people bring their orders home to their families instead of eat in.