Wreck This Journal #6

I have been a bit distracted this week in terms of finding time to wreck journal. IT WILL BE FINISHED BY THE END OF THIS YEAR I SWEAR.

So, I decided to do the paper airplane folding one. I decided not to go with the generic paper airplane that they give you instructions to fold.
I folded something much more complicated looking. My dad had taught me how to make this paper airplane when I was younger.

In grade 5, I had entered a contest on who could fold an airplane that would stay in the air the longest and I won. It’s a great paper plane that glides and does circles depending on how you structure the wings. If you’re outside it even captures any updrafts of air.

There is a page that says “Write with the pen in your mouth”. We decided to write our names with pen in our mouths. Nash went first and he didn’t do that badly.

Then it was my turn!

This is how they turned out. Apparently, I can’t write well with the pen in my mouth.

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