Wreck This Journal #7

I was pretty distracted last week, so I have a ton of journal wrecking to catch up on if I want to finish this thing before the new year. I wanted to draw you something cool with an endless line, but somehow it turned into a some sort of toddler’s attempt to draw turtles. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Then I filled a page with circles. I realized I have a ton of stickers I had earned from entertainment social network site GetGlue, which happen to be circle. I filled the page with them.

If you are a fan of sticker collecting, it’s a fun way to earn some completely free (even postage!). Then I filled 2 pages with fruit stickers. I realize our family buys a ton of bananas. Some of these might be for vegetables. Something I noticed was that we really fail at buying local things like my best friend.

Now this is a rather random page of white things. The objects include: earphones (don’t worry they suck), puppy fur, tissue, chocolate, a little paper box.

Now for some destruction! These 2 pages are one after the other, so here’s how they turned out.

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