Finally Trashing the Unsmart Phone

I am probably the last one in the world to get a Smartphone. I’ve already had like 5 different cell phones, 4/5 were Sony Ericsson. Also, I could install a Gameboy Colour emulator on them. How cool was that?

I don’t think I’m actually going to trash my phone. There’s still so many memories with it. The flights of stairs I dropped it down; the 5000+ texts; the photos; relationships both lost and gained. Perhaps since the new year is coming, it’s time for a change.

I hadn’t actually planned to get a new phone. I was going to wait til maybe the iPhone 5 to come out or I had an actual job to pay that what I thought would be a hefty cell phone bill. Yesterday, my sister walked in the Rogers store to buy an iPhone 4S and we walked out with 3. I’m still not sure how it happened or how we convinced dad to do it. That guy must have been a damn good salesman.

I had to go through the task of manually adding everyone back into the phone since it was a different type of SIM card and would not transfer my old one over. Who did I actually talk to? was a question I had in my mind. Man, I was lazy to add every single old contact back into my phone. I only added the people I talked to on a daily basis. My number hasn’t changed. I figured, It’s the holidays, and if you bother to say Merry Christmas than you’re worth adding.

It’s pretty weird still to finally be holding a smartphone. As a person who loves technology, it’s the one device I didn’t own yet. Now what? Now I have everything. More importantly, what on earth do I ask Siri?

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