I Need a Holiday from the Holidays

The winter holidays is a joyous occasion to gather with family, exchange gifts and eat a ton of delicious foods.It’s the time when regular people finally have time off from their jobs and get to relax. For unemployed me, It isn’t really a holiday and I find myself needing a holiday from the holidays.

Perhaps it’s the fact I’m unemployed and my family has a sudden need to bestow upon me the honor of staying at home to watch after the recently neutered dog, cook the turkey (of which I have no prior knowledge how to by the way) and various other tasks around holiday planning.

I rarely have a social life outside of family time and my friend’s (and boyfriend’s) hectic last minute holiday work schedules. The holidays are far from normal. Oh well, I’ll put up with the holidays since I got an iPhone and hopefully a $1000 camera out of it.

As for the turkey.. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. Hopefully I don’t poison people.

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