The Best Thing About Christmas is Boxing Day

One of my favourite things about the holidays has always been Boxing Day. I had always told what my parents what I wanted for Christmas beforehand. It was usually some technology related item. Me and my dad had past yearly traditions where we stood inline at Futureshop on the 26th at 5am in order to get the best prices on the things we wanted. However, this year things were different.

I wanted a DSLR camera this Christmas, and Futureshop’s Boxing Day flyer showed a Canon 60D for an unbelievably great price with an 18-135mm lens. We had originally planned to line up 5am, since the item was labelled Doorcrasher. However, on the 24th at 8pm (when the online sales were about to start), I searched the website for the deal and lo and behold it was there. There was a queue I had to wait through which was about an hour but I ordered what I wanted. That was much more convenient than waking up before the sun without the guarantee that I would actually get the camera. Albeit, it has been shipped but I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

That night, we also ordered other things off the Best Buy website and on Amazon. We had done most of our shopping online. Times have sure changed. Fuck the lines.

Today, I did go out to check out some deals. It was more of aimless wandering than actual planned shopping since I already bought what I wanted. I picked up a few clothes but not many other things. It was amazing to be able to sleep in and later laugh at the 100s of people in those store lines.

I wonder if the craze of actually doorcrashing on Boxing Day will slowly die down in coming years with online shopping now becoming an option. The impossibility of finding parking spaces today begs to differ.

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