Stealing Internet Is Customary

If 10 years ago, you asked me if you could use my internet I would probably cringe a bit since: 1) It would take up my bandwith, 2) It would take up my phone line. Also, if someone were to ask back then, I would have probably assumed that they didn’t have internet at home.

Before the inventions of smartphones, unless you were having a LAN party, you probably wouldn’t have brought your laptop over to someone’s house to use their WIFI. Now, stealing internet is customary.
“What’s your wifi password?” is a question that doesn’t seem any out of the ordinary as it once may have been. When I look at my internet settings on this laptop and notice networks of exes and people I’ve visited or met once. I could be evil and give them away if I really wanted, nobody really gives these things a second thought. The stored WIFI information on your computers, tablets and smartphones are now a footprint of places you’ve been to and people you’ve met.

That being said, I do change my internet password every now and then, just to be safe.

Albeit, I have a 1GB data plan that I share with my sister on a family plan. I don’t think I’ll ever use it all, after all I can just steal your internet.

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