Shit.. I Forgot Your Name

What do you do when you for get someone’s name? Over the holidays, at networking events or even when you’re sitting on the bus, sometimes you are greeted by someone who you recognize. However you can’t put a name with the face. Here are some tips I use to figure out the names I can’t remember.

1. Introduce someone- If you are with a friend, introduce them to the person. If you aren’t with anybody and are at a party introduce to them to someone you sort of know like “Hey, have you met Bob?” and perhaps through introductions they will say their own name.

2. Ask them how they are doing and what they have been up to. Stories can trigger memories of where you met this person and perhaps help you with the name.

3. Give them your business card and maybe they will give you theirs.

4. Ask for their contact info, hand them your phone and make them input all the information themselves.

5. Just ask, maybe they forgot your name too. You relieve the tension both of you might have.

6. If none of these work, or you think it is too awkward to ask, approach a friend and ask them.

If you end up getting a name, maybe you should add them on Facebook so their life updates will always remind you of who they are. Honestly, that’s the only reason I may remember people I haven’t seen in five years. Otherwise your name might has well have disappeared into oblivion.

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