I Think I’m A Recovering Hoarder

I was on a mission to clean my room. I had a gigantic garbage bag ready to throw things away but my mind kept going, I need this. Luckily, I got past that and finally uncluttered my drawers and closets full of things from the past. The majority of the things I threw out fell into one of these categories:

Promotional Material
These included things like crappy promo CDS (some that aren’t even opened), advertisements, cards, pamphlets and drop cards from past music festivals. I’m attracted to pretty designs and that’s how a majority of these things stayed so long in my drawers. They otherwise held no major value and were therefore discarded.

Electronic Boxes
I had all the boxes and it’s contents (instruction manual) of every device I have ever owned. This included my first CD player, to my past 6 cellphones. Unless I think that old devices will make a profit, there’s no use keeping them. Into the trash can they went, except for the ones for my currently used devices of course.

For some reason I kept all the envelopes, cards and letters I ever received (like even Valentines cards from grade 2). As adorable as it is to go back and read these things, it’s something I can live without.

Stuffed Animals
I keep some of the ones I sleep with but every other stuffed animal was an unnecessary reminder of an ex or people I never talked to anymore. Maybe I’ll feed them to Teddy.

Arts & Crafts
I love art and I have my own creations everywhere. I have a box of my own drawings, and models all over my room. Some of them seriously suck though, like this turtle bowl thing.

Do you ever have trouble cleaning your room? Is there things that you just can’t throw out? What are they?

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