Miniature Candy Cupcakes and Donuts

We were in T&T Asian Supermarket and found sets of these things that made instant candy versions of food. There was everything from candy ramen to random things like dinosaurs but we chose to do cupcakes and donuts because they seemed the most fun to decorate.

apparently I'm so Asian illiterate I couldn't even tell the photo was upside-down

There were no English instructions whatsoever on the back of the packaging. The pictures were easy enough to follow though. Also, if you Youtube the company (Happy Kitchen) there are a ton of videos! However, the ones I found didn’t actually have sound so there was still some figuring out to do.

Inside the boxes were magical powders that some how turned into dough or icing when you added water. It also had places to mix and mold things. The doughnut dough actually formed when you added water and mixed it.

The cupcake one was strange because you actually had to put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then all of a sudden it actually puffed up into cake looking things. Here’s everything in pastry-like form before it was decorated.:

This is after we went crazy. I learned that I absolutely can’t pipe icing to save my life. Also why don’t they look like the ones on the box?. I’m sure this was designed for children but we did such a hilarious job at this. There’s a few missing because we broke some while frosting it and ate them.

The most interesting part about this was what it tasted like. It was almost a cross between some sort of actually pastry and a jelly like candy. It actually tasted like cake. The brown ones were chocolate and the white ones were vanilla. In addition, the accompanying frosting tasted like what you would expect out of the colours. There was chocolate, strawberry, chocolate and banana (which we figured out after some guesses). The sprinkles were actual sprinkles. The texture was a bit off-putting and they were a bit sweet so I only had like 4 and Nash had like 2 and we couldn’t eat any more. They were definitely an entertaining way to spend some time, but not something you’d actually want to eat.

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