Bubblegum Adventure Time

I had a pretty DIY Valentine’s Day this year. It started with the Pinterest inspired card but what we did on Valentine’s night was pretty crafty as well. We found these boxes of what looked at the time like some kind of edible play-doh in-a-box at the Asian grocery store:

I thought that they were going to be like the powder cupcake and donut set. However when we opened it, there was mini packets of bubblegum, sprinkles and a stick to use as a rolling-pin.

We decided that on Valentine’s we would make the cast of Adventure Time. It was a show that we were both fans of and had led to our first date.

We had the original intention of making just Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum but we ended up having enough to make some others. Bubblegum is much more difficult to handle than actual play-doh as it is incredibly sticky. Lint kept getting in the way and if you made the slightest movement the thing warped. This is the result of 2 hours of stickiness:

They were much smaller in real life

The largest figure, the princess, was only 2 inches. Don’t worry we didn’t eat the bubblegum. Who wants to eat bubblegum that we touched for 2 hours? It smelled delicious though. It was a hilarious way just to spend time together and do something that had meaning. Fancy dinners and expensive presents can be nice on Valentine’s but doing something random together has much more meaning. It’s not everyday you can find someone that you can do anything with.

7 thoughts on “Bubblegum Adventure Time

  1. This really is awesome! Love ur idea, and I love that kit u bought at the Asian grocery store! Hope u both had a fabulous time!

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