Space Invaders Infinity Gene Finally Blasted!

It’s been a while since I’ve beaten and posted about an iOS game. I end up getting way too excited over games and download WAY too many of them. I’m slowly getting through the ones I currently have before I get any more. One game I have finished was Space Invaders Infinity Gene which is available in the iTunes store for $4.99. It’s well worth the money as it has some amazing replay value even when it’s been beaten.

The game is fast paced and like a much improved version of the original space invaders. The characters are kept familiar and you’re still in a pretty much 8 bit-like animation mode. The one difference is, the music is pretty amazing and intense. Levels follow a system of leveling up and branching out. There are a few levels that I swore were impossible at first but in a fluke I beat them. Not sure how it happened. The controls are pretty smooth, the shooter follows my finger pretty well across my iPad.

The game follows a level up system with a progress bar after each level. Each time you “gain a level”, something unlocks. You can unlock settings, functions, stages and lastly different shooters. When you beat enough levels the music mode become available. This in itself is worth the $5 on the game. This function turns any song in your iTunes into a Space Invader’s level. It’s pretty neat. Although if you have an absurdly long song in your library it makes for an endurance level. I actually beat this game a few months ago in a matter of days. The written levels themselves aren’t too hard, especially if you were a former space invaders (or even Raiden) player.

Now that I have blasted enough aliens, I can finally delete this one from the list. It’s strange but beating a game that I started makes me feel like I followed something through. I think I needed to feel that way lately.

Anyway, what’s your favorite iOS game? I’ll add it to the list of things I need to play!

5 thoughts on “Space Invaders Infinity Gene Finally Blasted!

  1. I only got my iPhone the other week and my game collection is thus;

    – Angry Birds Free.

    It’s not a bad little game really.

    This Space Invaders one sounds intriguing actually but I find handheld gaming a bit annoying. I prefer playing on me PC or the consoles.

    1. It may seem annoying at first but the ability to play a level of something when you have some free time (ie. on the subway) is pretty amazing since I can have hundreds of them at my fingertips without having to carry little cartridges around. I have a DS too but I almost stopped using it

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