Things I Learned So Far From Video Blogging

On my music blog I started making video album reviews. It was definitely something that I had my doubts of doing because of some great fear of not being liked or that people would make fun of me. It has only been a few weeks, but here are some things that I took away experience so far:

How to Improvise
In the beginning my videos seemed to much like I was reading from a page. Then I got more comfortable and stopped looking at my notes so much. I also began to be much more spontaneous. Some of the hilarious things in the videos just happened on the spot.
How to Edit Video
This is still a learning process for me but when I started, I had no idea how to edit video. I am currently using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I’m always reading up on new techniques so if I start to play with special effects, you’ll know why.

Take Criticisms Lightly
Someone clicked dislike on my video and I used to get upset and hide in a corner. Now I realized, it’s better to get a dislike than nobody watching them at all. At least I can learn from negativity and improve on future videos. In terms of what I say on the videos, my mentor told me I need to stand strong on my opinions even if the world may not agree with me. There will always be people who agree and disagree with an opinion and critiques aren’t made to impress everyone. I am still developing my style and voice as a video blogger but it will always represent me.

Never Give Up
Like blogging, there are slow days. There are days where almost nobody reads anything and giving up seems like a valid option. Nobody is watching, why should I continue? I never gave up and I recently received a ton of new subscribers because a more popular guy reviewed one of albums that I did. As a result, I was listed in one of the Related Posts.

I don’t think I will give up video blogging any time soon. Who knows, maybe you’ll see one on here as well!

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