Turning 24 is Weird

Do I look anywhere near 24???

I turned 24 on Friday and am rather indifferent to it, or at least I like to think I am. Am I turning old? I certainly don’t feel it, or look it, I’d hope. However, on my birthday I went to purchase some liquor at the LCBO and did not get carded. I always get carded. I had wanted to get carded on my birthday so I could be like Hah! I am actually turning 24 today! Maybe it was the fact I was taking out my Air Miles card. Who under 19 has an Air Miles card?

While I ponder turning 24, it certainly doesn’t feel that much different. Maybe I’m sleeping earlier than I used to, eating less candy. Actually, no I’m not. I didn’t have a party this year though. I spent my day of birth having dinner with my best friends and then attended a concert. I found it far more exciting than a drunken bender that I wouldn’t remember and would be still recovering from. I had many of those in my early 20s but the appeal has kind of disappeared.

As I ponder the future, I don’t actually want to grow up that fast. People around me are getting married, starting families but I still have dreams to fulfill and goals to meet before then. I’m not ready to know where my story ends, as I’m still adventuring in it.

3 thoughts on “Turning 24 is Weird

  1. Love this. I definitely feel the same re: people getting married/having babies. I’m not from Toronto so back home everyone who stayed there has been married/having babies for a few years now which freaks me out. They think it’s insane that I’m not doing that yet, but like you said, I’m not done figuring it out, there’s too much ‘me’ stuff I still need to make happen.

    1. I think part of that stems from loving the entertainment/music industry. For me it’s like I’M NOT TIRED OF GOING TO CONCERTS YET DON’T NEED KIDS.

      1. Yes, exactly. Can’t imagine giving up my life to stay at home and raise someone, not to mention financially I’m no where near a place where I could reasonably afford one anyway! Too many people have kids just because they are bored/think it’s what they should be doing, when they are not in the position to properly take care of it.

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