30 Day Challenge: March Edition- A Look A Day

I conquered last month’s challenge of not having a drop of coffee. Today I completely forgot that I could finally have a cup. I don’t think I plan on jumping back into habit just yet. Perhaps my mind will change next week when I have work engagements which will need me up in the morning. But anyway, it’s a new month so time for another challenge.

This is only part of it

I think it’s time for something artistic. I realized while doing my video album reviews that it’s pretty fun to play with make up. I also realized, I have way too much makeup. When I was in university I was addicted to buying set after set of eye-shadow. Often they came with blushes, lip glosses and eye liners too. I have hundreds of colours at hand so this month I decided.. I will create a different look a day.

I will try not to repeat any throughout the 31 days of March by taking a self-portrait each day. Seems easy enough but I’ll somehow need to fit time in a busy schedule to do this with my internship and Canadian Music Week around the corner. It will be an artistic, photographic challenge and personal challenge. So let’s have some fun!

Here is Look #1. It’s a very pale look. I used a pale purple and a pale gold eye shadow. Lip gloss is also a light pink. I have very small eye lids so it’s hard to see when my eyes are open, so here’s a picture with both. These are taken with my iPhone. When time allows, I’ll use the DSLR. Let this be a month full of colour!

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