Puzzlejuice Crushed!

It has been a while since I beat an iOS game on my iPad but I started to look for short ones I could play on my iPhone when I had short periods of free time. Puzzlejuice is my most recently finished. It’s a hybrid mix of Boggle and Tetris requiring you to be constantly thinking of two things at once.

There are goals to achieve that unlock certain powerups that can be used in each game:

The game is highly addictive and the power-ups did not take too long to unlock. The game has high replay-ability since you can still keep playing to achieve the highest score of all your friends on game center. However, I assume I had conquered the game once I achieved this screen:

Sorry for any spoilers. For a $1.99, it’s on the pricey side of an iPhone game, but hours of play make the game worth it. The game is very well designed in a minimalist fashion and I’m a sucker for pretty colours.

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