10 Types of People That Need to Stop Calling My House

Our family is seriously considering cancelling the home phone. With the exception of a handful of people who don’t know how to use the internet, nobody calls the house. The four of us have our own individual cellphones and the only calls we seem to get are the irritating kinds.

Duct cleaning services are by far the worst offender. Every day it’s a different company in the city. How many ducts can possibly need cleaning that requires the need for 100 companies making 25 calls a day? I’m beginning to think that all these companies and phone calls are just a front for something else. I mean, if you did need duct cleaning, I don’t think you would go to the first person who calls you. You’d probably research it first. It’s not cheap. Maybe these duct cleaning calls are a secret message for “Do you want to buy drugs?”

Debt consolidation calls are just as annoying as the commercials for them on TV.

Our family does do Clothing Donations every year. We go through our closets and storage and donate those what we don’t find fashionable anymore or grown out of to people who are less fortunate. However, I get these calls at least once a week. Are you calling me shallow? Maybe my sister buys new clothes very often but I don’t understand why they think that we have something every week to offer.

Lawn Care Services make sense when it’s spring or summer but these guys have been calling since winter 2-3 times a week. I know you want first dibs on our corner lot but I think we can handle things ourselves. Besides we have a little dog who doesn’t want to eat your pesticides.

Robots make me wonder if there are people out there who actually listen to these things. Maybe old people like the company. It takes 5 seconds for me to tell if it’s been a prerecorded message. Come on, if you can’t take the time to call me yourself, than I don’t have time to talk to you.

The free vacation calls need to stop. It’s 2012, stick with the scamming people in e-mails. Or maybe Facebook, I think that’s what people do these days.

Our banks keep reminding us of every single promotion ever. Mortgage?? No, we’re happy with our house. Credit cards? No, we have many. High interest savings? No, we don’t want you to take any more of our money. Thanks.

Newspaper subscription services call occasionally. I kind of feel bad for them. However, we’re a household with 3 iPads and 7 laptops among 4 people so we consumer our news elsewhere. We used to subscribe to the Toronto Star delivery but after our contract ended it wasn’t hard to live without.

Surveys waste my time. I’ve said yes to a couple that have landed me 30 minutes on the phone.

We support certain charities, but never ones over the phone. Deep down I hate these calls for making me feel awful for hanging up on the depressing story being told on the other line. We do donate money to Sick Kids and other recognizable charities. We do our research before handing over any money to any organization so it’s very unlikely we will donate to you over the phone.

Thank goodness, most of these haven’t migrated to cellphones just yet. Although I do have a list of numbers I added on my phone and marked “do not pick up”. I’m curious as to how many people out there still have house phones that are used for any purpose other than receiving spam calls.

One thought on “10 Types of People That Need to Stop Calling My House

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