The Grimms’ Fairy Tales Taught Me Nothing

The past couple of months before bed, I’ve been reading The Brothers Grimms’ fairy tales. I had never read the real stories as a child, and I am glad I never did because I haven’t taken away anything useful from the 210 stories. The majority of which were vastly repetitive. Some were just down right stupid. Here are some recurring themes:

  • The princess always marries the first tolerable person she meets. The kings and princes always must marry a princess.
  • Inanimate objects such as beans can run away and have conversations.
  • The majority of the time there is no lesson to be learnt.
  • Ugly people always lose.
  • The youngest brother is always the best.
  • It’s okay to gruesomely kill animals.
  • You can steal from people who are evil.
  • Parents frequently abandon their children due to poverty or to teach them life lessons.
  • Cutting off parts of your toes might win you a prince.

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